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June is Pet Preparedness Month, serving as a helpful reminder to include your dog in your emergency plans, especially as we approach the summer storm season. To help you create or enhance your personal emergency plan, we’ve compiled some tips as well as items to add to your go bag so that you can feel better prepared.


Stashing an extra leash and collar in your emergency kit can help ensure you won’t have to scramble to find those items during a fast-paced situation. Backups can provide peace of mind when you might not have time to grab your dog’s current leash or collar or if it breaks. Remember to attach an updated ID tag to your dog’s extra collar to help identify them if you get separated.


Copies of your dog’s vaccination/medical records, a contact sheet with your information, and a recent photo of you and them are all great items to include in your bag or emergency kit. They can not only help identify your dog but also provide ways for others to connect with you if needed. You never know when you might need these items as proof or verification, and grabbing their original records or printing a photo in an emergency may not be an option. You may also want to consider microchipping your pup if they’re not already.

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Food, water, and medicine (if applicable) are necessary to keep your pup healthy if an emergency strikes without warning. A couple of days’ worth of their food, bottles of water, an extra bowl, and an extra supply of any needed medication can offer reassurance that they’re covered, at least for the immediate future.

Including some of their favorite treats can also be a good idea. Make sure to regularly check the expiration dates of the food and treats in your emergency kit to ensure they are still safe and suitable for use.


Those toys that bring your pup tail-wagging joy can comfort them during stressful situations. If you need to evacuate or leave your home, having a comfort item or two for your dog can bring them a sense of security and familiarity. A blanket and/or extra bedding would also be great add-ons.


If an emergency requires you to leave your home, have a clear plan that everyone in your family knows about. For instance, if you need to evacuate due to a storm, knowing who will take your pup(s) and emergency kit can save valuable time and reduce stress.

Establishing a meeting place while evacuating can also be helpful so that everyone, including your dog, is accounted for. The same goes for an escape route if you’re required to leave your home at a moment’s notice. Determining who will do what and practicing the plan beforehand can help you feel more prepared.

Having dog travel essentials already in your car can make your escape much easier to navigate. For example, the Sleepypod Clickit Sport Plus is a crash-tested harness that can keep your dog secure while in the car, while the Sleepypod Air can be used as a car seat and carrier. These safety essentials are great to have  ready in your car or near your emergency kit to keep your pup secure.


Remaining calm in an emergency is not just helpful for humans—it’s also important for dogs, as it can help prevent additional stress. Socialization is not only a great way for your dog to meet other canine pals, but it can also help expose them to unfamiliar environments and people. In an emergency, you never know if your dog may be around others, and a skittish pup in an already high-stress setting is a less-than-ideal combo.

Socializing your pup can look like:

  • Bringing them to doggie daycare so professionals can help them interact with others and provide positive reinforcement. (Contact your local Dogtopia to get your dog’s socialization journey started.)
  • Taking them for walks in public spaces or busy streets.
  • Visiting parks.

Exposure to new sights and sounds can make them feel more comfortable and confident in unexpected situations. Training can also be helpful, whether it is crate training or practicing sit and stay. You never know when these seemingly simple commands can come in handy in an emergency.

If you need help getting your dog more comfortable in new environments, visit Dogtopia. We offer a safe and fun-filled environment with an action-packed daily daycare schedule to ensure your furry friend gets plenty of socialization and new experiences. We also offer a safe place for your pup to stay overnight if an emergency has forced you to leave your home. Click here to find your nearest location.

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