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3:00pm E.S.T

Dr. Antje Joslin is Dogtopia’s Veterinarian Consultant. Tune in to Dr. Joslin’s sessions to learn answers to questions related to Veterinary medicine, including vaccine protocol, general wellness like heartworm prevention, flea and tick, the spay and neuter process, first aid, and diet and exercise for a healthy weight. Learn more about all of our experts and submit a question here.

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Healthy Swaps: Nutritious Treats For Your Dog

A new year means a new opportunity to make healthier choices. This can include your furry-friend, too! Kick the year off on the right foot and swap out your dog’s high calorie, low nutrition treats for some of these fresh, healthy alternatives.









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  • Colleen Demling

    Animal Behaviorist

    With over 30,000 hours and 15 years of HANDS ON dog training experience, Colleen Demling is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behaviorist. She is a frequent contributor to local and national ...

  • Dr. Antje Joslin


    Dr. Antje Joslin brings 14 years of small animal experience in both private and corporate practice. Her love of animals is not just professional; along with her husband and four children, she shares ...

  • Lorraine Rhoads

    Environmental Biologist

    Lorraine Rhoads is an experienced animal biologist and environmental scientist with a background in environmental safety testing and biological surveys. Additionally, Lorraine has more than 6 years ...