Scared pug

While the fireworks of Independence Day celebrations bring color to the sky, wonder to kids’ eyes and happiness to those watching, they unfortunately can also cause your dog to hide in fear. The loud noises can be scary for your pup and you may start to notice signs of stress or notice your dog wants to hide and escape the excitement.

4th of July has one of the highest rates of dogs running away from home as they look for a place to escape the scary noises. It is important to keep your dog indoors so they don’t try to escape through a hole in your fence or gate. Here are a few things you can do to help your dog feel safe and secure:

Be Aware of Firework Schedules

To prepare your dog for a night of fireworks, be aware of the events taking place round your home so that you can be sure to bring them inside, take them to another house or daycare to remove them from the sights and sounds.

Tire Them Out During the Day

A tired pup is a happy pup. Throughout the day and before the fireworks show begins take your dog on a long walk. Run with them, play games and exhaust all their energy so they are tired from the fun. If your family is busy celebrating during the day, take your dog to Dogtopia daycare where they can enjoy endless playtime and socialization. After a full day of play your dog will be happy but worn out ready to relax for the rest of the night. Tiring out your dogs has a nice calming effect, so they’ll be less likely to get agitated and or worked up from the sounds of the fireworks.

Create A Safe Place Indoors

In advance of the fireworks, prepare your home by closing all the windows and the curtains to help muffle the sounds. Dogs are den animals, so they often look for enclosed places to feel protected and escape from the loud booms of the fireworks. Create this space for them ahead of time with their dog bed and toys along with easy access to their food and water.

Keep Them Distracted

To keep your dog’s mind off the random booms of a nearby firework display, flood your home with other, more commonplace sounds. Turn on some music or the TV, but be sure it has gentle sounds to help calm their anxiety. Other ways to drown out the sounds include turning on the air conditioner, fan or white noise machine.

Occupy their attention with their favorite chew toy. Objects that have a food element, like a Kong filled with peanut butter or cheese, are a fun distraction.

Stay Calm

As the pack leader, your dog looks to you for guidance. If you are relaxed while the fireworks are going off, your dog will sense this, and it will help them remain calm. If you are tensely checking on them every five seconds or hushing them, they may sense your anxiety and become more agitated.

Bonus Tip

Board your dog at Dogtopia to remove them from a potentially stressful situation. They’ll enjoy socializing with other dogs along with a peaceful and restful night under the watchful eye of our caring team.

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