Dog on Winter Walk

The weather may be changing, but your dog’s walking schedule shouldn’t. It’s important to stick to their regular routine to keep your pup healthy and active during the colder months. However, rain and snow can make these walks less enjoyable and more dangerous for both you and furry friend, so it’s necessary to take some extra safety precautions.

To keep your pup protected during winter weather, follow these tips:

Keep your dog warm

With the temperature dropping, your dog can become very uncomfortable in the cold, and even worse, experience frostbite or hypothermia. This can mean your pup will be more reluctant to go on walks, but it’s important that they get daily exercise. Whether your pup’s fur is thick or thin, you need to regularly stop and feel their body temperature. Make sure you’re checking their ears, feet and legs, as those areas are tougher to keep warm. Before you head out, consider putting a doggie jacket on them. This will keep their core body warmer and make it much easier for them stay toasty.

Stay visible

In the winter, the darkness can be dangerous, especially with rain or snow on cars’ windshields. You want to make sure that drivers can see you and your dog. To keep you both safe, make sure you’re wearing reflective clothing and gear, such as a reflective leash, collar, vest or jacket. It’s important to remember reflective gear only works when the light directly shines on you. That’s why it’s a good idea to also place a light on your dog for extra visibility.

Protect their paws

Your pup’s paws are at risk during the colder months due to snow and rock salt on the ground, which can be harmful. Make sure you’re paying to attention to the ground conditions and checking their paws often. Salt and de-icers can burn your doggie’s feet and make them ill if they lick it. Give your dog’s feet a thorough inspection after each walk and watch out for any limping. It’s a good idea to use a paw balm to protect the pup’s feet from chemicals and the abrasion from snow or sand. For even more protection, consider a pair of booties for your dog.

Keep them from getting lost it

Dogs can become easily frightened in the dark, and may even pull on the leash and run away. To prevent a scary search for your dog, take a few extra steps to make sure your furry family member can be found. Make sure all ID tags are up-to-date with the right contact information. Ensure your pup has a microchip that is also updated with the correct information.

Explore indoor alternatives

If you want your dog to be safely exercised and entertained during winter months, consider placing him at an indoor doggie daycare like Dogtopia. We have climate-controlled playrooms featuring a safe, sanitary rubberized floors that are designed to be gentle on their paws and joints. Your pup will enjoy hours of exercise and play, no matter the weather outside. Find a location near you.