Dog in the Christmas hat

At least half the fun of the holidays is the traditions we share with friends and family – including our furry family members! While some holiday rituals are best reserved for two-legged family members, there are plenty of fun ways to share the cheer with your pup. Whether this is your first holiday season as a pet parent or you have a closet full of four-legged sweaters, there’s always room for new traditions that will last you long into the New Year.

Bake Pet-Friendly Treats

Who doesn’t love a treat to get into the holiday spirit? Baking is one of the best reasons for the season, and your pup will absolutely love to get it on the action. From gingerbread and pumpkin to peanut butter and more, there are so many options to satisfy cravings both big and small. We have a feeling your dog will love if you a little more if you check out these delicious pumpkin treats. Fueling those afternoon play sessions by the cozy fireplace with an indulgent – and healthy – treat is a great way to show your four-legged family members how much they mean to you this time of year.

Snuggle in For A Holiday Movie Together

Once everyone has had their fill of treats, settle in on the couch for a holiday movie marathon. Everybody has their favorite classics, and we would venture a guess that your pup is no exception! Pile on the blankets and sing – or howl – along to the holiday movie of your choice. Might we suggest “Olive, the Other Reindeer” or “A Charlie Brown Christmas” to get you started on that winter hibernation?

Snap A Holiday Photo (Or 10)

We know you’re just dying for an excuse to buy that cozy holiday sweater for your pup. Put it to good use with a photography session in the snow, by the fireplace or in your arms by the Christmas tree. Or check out your local Dogtopia and see if they are hosting a photo-op for your pup. Memories are even better when you can show them off much later in the year, so take the time to capture them now!

Unwrap Presents In Spectacular Fashion

This holiday tradition isn’t for the faint of heart, but we promise it’s the most memorable of all! If your pups are anything like ours, they’re probably no good at helping with the gift wrapping. They are, however, very good at gift UN-wrapping. When you’re eagerly tearing off all those bows and ribbons and paper on Christmas morning, consider inviting your four-legged friends to join in on the fun – but be sure all of your décor is safe for around your pups.

We hope you and your pup enjoy this season together and we at Dogtopia wish you all happy holidays!

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