Dog in a holiday attire

The holidays are a great time to indulge, celebrate and spend time with loved ones. However, having your pup in the middle of all the holiday action presents hidden dangers. From breakable ornaments, potentially dangerous plants, ribbons, lights, and Christmas trees, there are lots of new and shiny things around the house for your pup to chew on. To reduce accidents and trips to the vet during the holidays, keep your pup away from these holiday hazards:

Christmas Trees

We know that this is a “must-have” holiday decoration, but pet owners should consider the effects of having a tree and a pet in the same house. If your dog likes to jump, keep an eye on them to ensure they don’t jump into the tree and cause it to fall. This can be dangerous and result in your pup becoming tangled up in a mess of string lights and broken ornaments. When you’re unable to supervise your pup, it’s best to keep them in another room, far from the Christmas tree.

Chemical Preservatives

Using preservatives in your Christmas tree’s water source can keep it fresh, however, the water will become poisonous.  To avoid your pup ingesting chemicals, avoid preservatives and only use fresh water to feed your tree. Otherwise, consider using a tree skirt, towel, aluminum foil, or plastic wrap to cover the water bowl and keep it out of your dog’s reach.

Edible Ornaments

Making homemade ornaments from edible supplies may be a holiday tradition for your family, but can be extremely dangerous for your pup. Homemade treats can contain a lot of sugar and toxins, especially if using glue to assemble them. To find a balance between tradition and your pups’ safety, make sure to hang your edible ornaments away from any area your pup could reach.


As relaxing and festive as candles are, they are extremely dangerous and can result in serious injuries for your pup since they can be easily knocked over. Make sure your candles are out of reach and placed far away from flammable fabrics and decorations to protect your home.


Stringing up lights? Keep the wires off the floor and not accessible to be chewed on by your pets. To prevent your pup from experiencing an electric shock, ensure that the end of the extension cord is tucked away and out of your pet’s sight.


A research conducted by the ASPCA found that holly berries are potentially toxic to pets if ingested in large amounts. Your pup can experience gastrointestinal irritation and central nervous system issues.


Tinsel can pose a danger for your pet if ingested. Even if your dog consumes the tiniest strand, there is a chance they will suffer intestinal obstructions, which could be deadly.

While the holidays can be an exciting and busy time, it’s important to take extra precautions around your home when it comes to the placement and choice of your decorations. Taking a few extra minutes to create a pet-friendly living space will ensure a safe holiday for your entire family.