Puppy playing with yellow toy

Did you know that puppies should encounter seven new social situations per week until they are 12-16 weeks old? Here are seven ideas!

  1. Smell
    Let them smell new smells in the backyard & house. Fill your dog’s environment with different scents.
  2. See
    Introduce them to strange, new items. Focus on different things like water bottles & strollers.
  3. Enjoy
    Treat them to belly rubs from new people. Invite friends & family of different size, age, ethnicity & gender into your home!
  4. Hear
    Get them used to new sounds. Introduce them to noises like the vacuum & hair dryer.
  5. Play
    Have them interact with familiar dogs. Start with friendly, healthy, vaccinated dogs you know!
  6. Explore
    Expose them to new places and spaces. Visit your friends’ homes (with or without dogs.)
  7. Bond
    Let them meet new friends! Your pup can play safely at Dogtopia after they are fully vaccinated.