After a long, busy day (or week), we are all looking for ways to calm down and destress. Did you know having a dog is known to lower stress levels, provide a sense of companionship and is good for your heart? How great is it that dogs can positively change our world just by simply by being in our lives? 

Below are a few ways to take a deep breath, relax, and refocus alongside your favorite furry family member: 

Take a Walk 

Taking a walk not only allows you to reconnect with nature, it also allows you time to reconnect with your pup! Incorporating movement into your day will allow your body to release endorphins which, in turn, reduces stress levels. Participating in physical activity with your dog is also a great bonding experience for them. Daily outdoor exercise, such as a walk around the neighborhood or a local park, is proven to increase not only your mood, but your dog’s mood, too!  

Quality Time 

After a long day, quiet time at home may provide the best reset. Create a comfortable space on the couch or in your room and invite your dog to join you. Play music, listen to your favorite podcast or turn on the TV to a lighthearted show to unwind and relax with your pup. Give your dog a few pets and scratches to soothe and unravel any anxiety you may be experiencing. 

Dinner Out 

Craving something special? Instead of dirtying your clean kitchen, enjoy dinner at a dog-friendly restaurant. Without any dishes to tidy up or any counters to wipe down, you’ll be able to enjoy your time with your pup while keeping your space clean. Selecting a dog-friendly restaurant is important to keep your dog comfortable and safe for the duration of your outing. 

Physical Contact 

Massages are a great way for humans and dogs to release built up tension and relax. Giving your dog attention by massaging their muscles is a great way to give your dog the chance to relax and unwind and soothe their muscles after a busy day of play. Begin by calmly petting your pup’s neck all the way to the base of their tail with continuous strokes. If you can, try to keep one hand on your pup while the other hand pets and massages. This will not only be calming for the dog but for you, too! 

Alone Time in a Safe Space 

Busy days should lead to quiet evenings so you can rest and reset. Create a comfortable space for your dog where they can feel at peace and stress free. Pet parents also deserve a space to unwind. Whether your dog’s cozy space is the same as yours or down the hall, it is important  to take a breather and allow yourself to relax after a day on the go. 

Turn on Classical Music 

It has been found that dogs respond well to calm, classical music when in an area of minimal activity. When you are preparing dinner or winding down for a few moments of rest with your dog nearby, turn on some classical music. The soothing sounds of classical music may allow your dog to take a few deep breaths in their personal space and rest. 

Go For a Drive 

If your pup enjoys car rides without panting and climbing from the backseat to the front, a ride in the car may be a soothing way to get out of the house for a few minutes without a destination in mind. This little outing may soothe your dog before returning home, just like parents who drive their kids around the block to get them to go to sleep! 

Day of Daycare at Dogtopia 

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