Dogtopia Canine Coach looking at five dogs in playroom

Just like humans, dogs have had to adjust to the pandemic life. Spending more time at home with little exposure to others has caused pups to become more dependent upon their families. This extended period of isolation has presented challenges for dogs of all ages when it comes to socialization, separation anxiety and doggie manners.

Here are some of the behaviors pet parents may be experiencing with their dogs:


Dogs have been stuck inside their home with their family with little exposure to being around or handled by strangers. Chances are you haven’t been walking around the neighborhood as much and introducing your dog to new people, places and smells. The lack of house guests has also limited the ability for your dog to learn how to adjust to people entering their personal space. And, a vet visit that once might have been manageable, now becomes frightening when your dog is pulled out of the car and taken into a building all alone.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety isn’t limited just to puppies, many adult dogs have grown accustomed to spending every waking moment by their pet parents’ side these past six months. A dog cannot just go back to their pre-COVID lifestyle. If your dog whines, paces, excessively barks and chews while you’re preparing to leave or are gone, it’s likely they have separation anxiety. As new routines outside of the house are established, it is important to implement a smooth transition, so your dog isn’t acting out in distress when left alone.

Dog Etiquette

Did you get a little relaxed with implementing manners or keeping up with your training while at home? Is your dog not listening to you when you say their name? Does your pup disregard the sit, stay and off commands? Your dog might need a refresher on basic manners and commands.

Dog Daycare That Gives You Peace of Mind

Dogtopia daycare is not just a place to drop off your dog to play; it is a safe place for your pup to build confidence and learn how to be a good canine citizen. Paired with dogs of similar size and temperament, your dog will have a fun-filled day of socializing, interacting with certified Canine Coaches, exercising and burning off all their energy. Your dog will learn through playing with activities like bacon bubbles and follow the leader. Dogtopia also reinforces commands such as sit, stay and come along with door control and more. We’ll periodically send them home with a report card that shares what they’ve learned, who they made friends with, and how well they interacted with the team and the other dogs. Dogtopia makes it easy for mom and dad to watch their dog wherever and whenever using our mobile app and our live webcams. Help your dog transition to the new normal and have peace of mind at the same time!

Looking for a clean, safe and fun place to socialize your dog? Find a Dogtopia in your neighborhood.