Dog waiting to head to daycare

Pet parents – we’ve all been there. You get a knock at the door, whether it be for the post man or a pizza delivery, and suddenly your dog charges and tries to escape. It’s frustrating and makes every time a visitor comes over very stressful.

But thankfully, at Dogtopia, your dog learns that the best way to react around the door is calmly and patiently.

Repetition is key

With many dogs and Canine Coaches coming in and out of playrooms during the day, your dog learns right away that the door is an important part of the room – it brings new people, new BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever) and at the end of the day is the pathway to mom or dad!

Our Canine Coaches practice door control throughout the day for this reason. Sometimes they draw a line around the opening of the door to dissuade pups from entering that space, other times they make the dogs sit and wait before the door is opened. This repetitive action teaches the pups not to rush the door and not to get overly excited when someone tries to enter – which means better behaved dogs at home.

Listen up

Practicing door control at Dogtopia and at home helps to make your dog a better listener, too. Giving them boundaries and guidelines reiterates that they need to listen to you at all times. You can practice door control or other listening techniques at home. Start small and give lots of positive reinforcement in any command situation.

Your dog learns all sorts of new skills at Dogtopia! Find your nearest dog daycare center today.