Dog wearing bat costume

Halloween is almost here and while neighborhood children prepare to dress up in costume for a night of trick-or-treating, your dog may not enjoy the holiday as much. Let’s review a few helpful tips and tricks to ensure your dog enjoys Halloween! 

Walk Before the Festivities Begin 

Halloween is a night for everyone to decorate themselves and their homes as something other than how they would normally appear. This may be confusing for your dog. Begin your dog’s nightly walk earlier in the evening to help prevent your dog from getting anxious walking past the people dressed in costumes and homes decorated in a way that is different from how they normally look on their nightly walk.  

Wagging Tails and Flames 

From jack-o-lanterns to patio décor, Halloween decorations can contain candles. To best protect your pup from fire, keep all items with a flame out of reach of a dog and their tail. Another option would be to replace your candles with flameless candles to ensure a Halloween without anything catching on fire! 

Door & Doorbell Safety 

On Halloween, children of all ages will ring your doorbell to yell, “trick or treat!” in hopes of receiving a sweet treat from your home. Although this is a fun event to see their neighborhood children dressed up in creative and spooky costumes, your dog may not love it as much. If your dog does not handle guests well, it may be best to put them in a room opposite your front door to keep them from getting overwhelmed during the night’s festivities. If you decide your dog can join in on the fun, ensure they are wearing a leash and a collar with accurate contact information in case they escape during the night. 

Dressing Up Your Pup 

You may think your dog looks amazing in the latest and greatest Halloween costume, but it may cause your dog to experience stress and anxiety. This is especially possible if your dog does not wear clothing on a regular or semi-regular basis. If your dog seems to be unhappy or experiencing signs of stress while wearing their costume (panting, pacing, etc.), it may be best to skip dressing your dog in costume. Your dog will thank you for it and will feel happier during this potentially stressful holiday. 

Halloween Candy 

Your pup may be interested in the Halloween candy brought home after a night of trick-or-treating, but the candy would be enjoyed much more by children than your dog. Quite a bit of Halloween candy contains chocolate which is toxic to dogs. Keep the chocolate candy away from your pup, but if you want them to feel involved in the Halloween fun, stop by your local pet store to pick up some of their very own Halloween dog treats to enjoy! 

A Happy Halloween for All 

Remove your dog from any spooky Halloween situation by bringing them to Dogtopia for a full day of daycare or an overnight boarding stay. They will be so tired from playing all day that they will be far less likely to get spooked by the Halloween festivities. Or try giving them a sleepover where they will enjoy a restful and quiet night, free of any witches and ghosts, under the watchful eye of our caring team. Keep your dog happy and safe this Halloween. Interested in Dogtopia? Find a location near you by clicking here.