Dog sitting on table in vet

As we continue through October with our celebration of Pet Wellness Month, it is important we remind pet parents to maintain regularly scheduled vet visits to keep your pup healthy. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your pup is being seen by a veterinarian once a year or more frequently if recommended by your local vet. Here are three important reasons you should regularly schedule a vet appointment for your dog. 

Keep up to date with vaccinations 

Dogs exposed to other animals have a higher chance of being exposed to numerous diseases. Therefore it is incredibly important to remain up to date with your dog’s vaccinations. Vaccines are key for keeping your dog healthy and protected. Dogs who are up to date on their vaccines have a much better chance of fighting off or completely avoiding disease or illness. A veterinarian’s office will send reminders when your pup is due for their next round of vaccines and will administer them when at your dog’s next regular checkup.  

All Dogtopia daycare centers require all dogs to be up to date on their vaccinations. Have peace of mind knowing your dog is playing with other fully-vaccinated dogs! 

The importance of dental check-ups 

Just like people, dogs need to have their teeth regularly cleaned. Your local veterinarian will be able to assess if your dog has any sensitivities or areas of concern and may recommend a teeth cleaning. A routine teeth cleaning will detect any disease or arising issues in your dog’s dental health. Your local veterinarian will be the one to check on your pup’s teeth, clean them up, and manage and prevent future dental hygiene issues. You can help keep your dog’s teeth clean at home with regular brushing in between dental visits. 

Early disease detection 

It is not always easy to know your pet is under the weather. If your dog’s behavior changes or they are showing signs of feeling unwell, you know as a pet parent, something is not right. However, if something is wrong and your pet seems to be acting normal, it can be difficult or impossible to help your pup without proper diagnosis. Fortunately, your local veterinarian is trained to know what to look for at a routine vet visit to ensure your dog is healthy or what you can do to bring them to full health if something appears abnormal. 

Veterinarians not only detect illnesses and issues already causing problems for your pup, they can also detect diseases and other problems as early as testing can allow. You love your pup, and it is important to let them know you love them with regular vet visits to keep them healthy. 

Healthy dogs are happy dogs 

At Dogtopia, we love seeing your dog happy, healthy and playing with their BFFF (Best Furry Friends Forever). In order to bring your dog to Dogtopia for a day of play, your dog must be up to date on their vaccinations and feeling their best. We want to keep all Dogtopia dogs safe and comfortable while at their home away from home. 

Interested in bringing your dog to Dogtopia to play with other happy and healthy pups in a safe and clean environment? Find a location near you and schedule a Meet & Greet!