Dog running outside on grass with autumn leaves

October is around the corner which means it’s time to celebrate Pet Wellness Month! Dogtopia provides high-quality care to keep your pup healthy, happy, and having the Most Exciting Day Ever! In honor of Pet Wellness Month, here are a few ways to ensure you’re keeping your pup in their prime this fall and all year round! 

Time for Fall Grooming

After a long, hot summer, it may be time for your dog to get a seasonal clean up as the weather cools down. A dog’s nails can grow quickly and should be regularly maintained to prevent injury or discomfort. 

In some areas, the weather may change abruptly as the temperature begins to drop or even snow. If you experience snow or ice where you live, pay close attention to your dog’s paws. Untrimmed hair between your dog’s paw pads may cause snow or ice to ball up, causing your dog discomfort.  

Fall grooming is essential to keep your dog safe, comfortable, and prepared for the cooler months of the year. Teeth cleaning and grooming should be regularly maintained year-round for a happy and healthy pup! A dog should be regularly groomed depending upon texture of hair, but a rule of thumb is to bathe your pup once a month and their hair should be brushed one to two times per week. Nail trims are equally as important to prevent injury. Once you notice your dog’s nails tapping the floor as they walk, it’s time for a trim. 

Movement & Socialization 

An essential part of wellness is exercise! Dogs who enjoy a regular routine of exercise are able to utilize all of their pent-up energy. Agility games, fetch, brain games, and long walks are effective in getting your pup moving, both physically and mentally. A consistent exercise routine keeps your dog’s muscles, blood pressure, and overall state of health in better condition.  

Dogs love to spend time with their pet parents, but sometimes, they need the companionship of other four-legged friends! Dogtopia daycare offers safe and fun exercise for your dog to enjoy alongside other pups. After all, a socialized dog is a happy dog who can perform well in a variety of social situations while remaining on their best behavior – also known as a great canine citizen!  

Dogs who attend daycare at Dogtopia will spend the day in one of our climate-controlled playrooms divided by size and temperament and cared for by highly trained Canine Coaches. On average, a dog will walk under 10,000 steps when spending their days at home, but at Dogtopia, your dog will likely exceed 30,000 daily steps!  

Plus, daycare dogs are more outgoing and friendly. After regularly attending daycare, taking your pup on your outings and errands will be a fun experience and far less stressful for you and your furry child! 

Healthy Treat Swaps in Time for Cooler Weather 

With pumpkin-flavored everything hitting the shelves, we want to ensure our dogs can get in on the fun, too! Pumpkin is packed with nutrients and dogs love the flavor. Full of vitamins, iron, and digestion-regulating fiber, pumpkin is a fan favorite in the canine world. DIY pumpkin treats are easy to make right at home and will have your pup begging for them every fall!  

As a reminder, please do not add nutmeg or additional sugar to dog treats. Although delicious for humans, a dog’s stomach doesn’t enjoy it the same way we do. 

Peanut butter, although tasty all year, is another favorite fall flavor! Nutritious and packed with fiber, proteins, and healthy fats, adding peanut butter to homemade goodies will be a welcomed delight. There are many delicious dog treat recipes, but here are a few of our favorites which include peanut butter. 

When cooking for your dog, make sure to use peanut butter that doesn’t contain xylitol. Xylitol is incredibly toxic to dogs.  

Regular Feeding Schedules & Nutrition 

Treats are always enjoyed by our furry family members, but nutritious meals should always be a priority. Depending on the size, breed, and age of your dog, they may have different nutritional needs to keep them healthy and strong. Maintaining a regular feeding schedule is important to ensure your pup is enjoying the perfect amount of food and nutrients needed on a daily basis. 

In search of high-quality dog food you can trust? Dogtopia is proud to have a partnership with NutriSource Pet Foods. NutriSource is a third-generation, family-owned business with a goal in mind to provide clean and nutritious food and treats for all dogs. Dogtopia and NutriSource have the same goal in mind: keep dogs healthy and happy. Because of this, Dogtopia is proud to carry NutriSource dog food at all daycares. Beginning their business in 1964, NutriSource has since created a variety of pet food for any dog depending on size and age while keeping specific needs in mind like weight management and performance, among many others. With a wide variety of options, NutriSource food is packed with wholesome ingredients that support digestion, gut health, proper nutrient utilization, brain health and function, and a healthy coat and skin. Learn more about NutriSource.  

If you have any specific changes or questions regarding your dog’s diet or feeding schedule, it’s always best to consult your veterinarian. 

In honor of Pet Wellness Month, we welcome you to prioritize your dog’s nutrition, exercise routine, and grooming schedule to ensure they are getting what they need to continue living a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. 

Interested in enrolling your dog in regular socialization, exercise and wellness at Dogtopia daycare? Schedule a Meet & Greet today by finding a Dogtopia near you! Every dog finds their BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever) at daycare and we’d love to introduce them to their own while focusing on socialization and exercise to maintain their health and wellness. We can promise your dog will be begging for more Dogtopia daycare!