Dog sitting on grass

A well-behaved dog is simply the best, right? Sometimes all your dog needs is just a little bit of training. At Dogtopia, we structure playtime to be fun but also informative and instructional. Canine Coaches play games to prepare dogs for everyday situations which would normally cause overexcitement and maybe a few barks, too. Instead, Dogtopia dogs are introduced to new stimuli naturally and calmly. 

Door Training 

When a guest walks through your front door, your dog may feel inclined to say hello by jumping up on the new guest or entirely blocking the entryway with happy tail wags. During Dogtopia daycare, our Canine Coaches play a game to reinforce door control.  

This game requires a Canine Coach to draw a quartercircle about a meter out from the door. The Canine Coach will stand inside of the quartercircle by the door and praise the dogs that remain outside the quartercircle. The dogs that step into the quarter-circle are guided to the exterior of the chalk line. When they remain outside of the chalk line, they are positively reinforced. This reminds the dog staying away from the door will result in positive praise and head scratches! 

As the “game” progresses, new stimuli are added to the mix such as a new person. A new Canine Coach will enter the play area. Dogs who remain seated or behind the quarter-circle are praised with pets and positive reinforcement. Those who jump and walk into the quarter-circle are moved to the exterior of the line. The game is repeated until all dogs remain outside of the circle in a calm fashion. 

Over time, this simple game builds repetition with the dog. In no time, your dog will be behaving for house guests and all of those package deliveries! 

Bark Control 

Dogs find most new people and experiences exciting, however, they can get too excited. Sometimes, this overexcitement causes a dog to bark. Our Canine Coaches work with dogs on a regular basis to teach them better habits that can be carried home with them after daycare, like how to remain calm and quiet. 

While your pup is spending time with their BFFFs, your dog will be praised by Dogtopia Canine Coaches when they are relaxed and quiet. If a dog barks when receiving praise or pets, the Canine Coach will shift their focus to another dog remaining quiet.  

Over time, the dog learns being quiet and not barking results in pets and verbal praise. This skill is practiced so regularly at Dogtopia daycare that most dogs carry this new skill over to their home. Dogs aim to please and repetitive practice at Dogtopia will keep your dog happy and quiet at daycare as well as at home. 

Name Recognition 

It is important for dogs to know and respond to their name. Whether you’re playing in the backyard, out in public or your dog gets lost, it’s important for your dog to listen to you and respond when their name is called. This is another frequently practiced skill at Dogtopia and similarly to door training and bark control, it is taught using repetition.  

Canine Coaches will walk through the playroom. They will find a dog located on the other side of the room and call out their name. If the dog runs to them, they will give them pets and praise. If the dog does not respond to their name, the Canine Coach will work with them to recognize their name with a variety of other play area games.  

Over time, dogs will learn their name through means of repetition and positive praise. This is another great skill reinforced at Dogtopia daycare which can be practiced and utilized at home. 

Daycare for Your Dog 

Dogtopia daycare not only offers incredible benefits for your dog, but for you too. From casual training to socialization, your dog will learn and grow in a way that will make you even prouder to call them your pup. Everyone loves a well-behaved dog, right? Let your dog learn through positive play! 

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