The best way to get a dog to stop barking is to praise him when he is quiet. Here are a few training tips you can use to get your dog to stop barking. Dogs need at least 60-90 minutes of exercise a day and depending on the age and breed, likely more. Dog walks, fetch in the backyard, and daycare are good ways to tire your dog out. Remember, tired dogs are quiet dogs! Teach your dog that he doesn’t have to bark every time he hears or sees something. To do this, start with things you can control, such as a person walking by the house. Ask a friend or family member to walk by the house. As soon as your dog sees the friend, IMMEDIATELY start praising him and give him a treat. If you miss the moment and he starts barking, just wait for him to be quiet and try again. If you start yelling at him to stop barking (NO, NO, DON’T BARK!) then he will only think you are barking with him. Once your dog is quiet when people walk by then try another site or sound that you can control, such as ringing the doorbell. Praise and treat quiet behavior and ignore all barking. With repetition, patience and exposure your dog will learn how to be quiet in most situations.