If your dog suffers from moderate levels of separation anxiety, then practice exiting and entering the house even when you aren’t leaving. Keep all exits and entrances non-emotional and low energy. If you are sad when you leave and excited when you get home then your dog will feel the same way. Pair your exit with an extra special yummy chew bone, treat, or toy that your dog only gets when you are gone. The item should immediately be removed when you are home. This will help your dog learn that your absence equals FUN! If you can leave and come back 20 times a day, then he will feel more comfortable when you leave for the afternoon.  Proper exercise, all natural calming products like the Adaptil diffuser, and leaving soothing music on can also help your dog relax when you are gone. Consult a vet or professional trainer immediately if your dog injures himself or is extremely destructive when left alone.