Dogtopia Canine Coach in City playroom with group of dogs

While your dog is loving having you at home during the coronavirus pandemic, you might not be able to give them the exercise and socialization they need due to limited outdoor space, the stay at home orders or restrictive weather. The wide-open spaces of a dog park might be an enticing, easy choice but it can be a risky one when you don’t know the temperament of the other dogs, safety conditions or maintenance protocols. Dogtopia’s dog daycare takes every precaution to provide a safe and comfortable open-play environment putting a pet parent’s mind at ease knowing their pup is in good hands.

Here are 6 reasons why you should take your dog to Dogtopia versus the dog park:

  1. Supervised Play

At Dogtopia, certified Canine Coaches supervise your pup’s play all day and ensure they are safe and happy while at daycare. Coaches are trained to recognize the signs of aggressive or unwanted play and intervene as necessary.

At dog parks, playtime is unsupervised and uncontrolled and requires pet parents to be physically present – taking up valuable time.

  1. Vaccination Requirements

Vaccinations for Bordetella, DHPP/Parvo, and Rabies are required in order to play at Dogtopia. This ensures safe, healthy play for all the pups in our care and helps to reduce the risk of illness. In many locations, the Canine Influenza vaccine is also encouraged and/or required.

Dog parks do not regulate which dogs can come in and out, and as such your dog can be at high risk of interacting with other dogs that are not vaccinated or even potentially infected.

  1. Separated play

Dogtopia dogs are separated by size, temperament, and play style to maintain a safe environment for all the pups in our care. Each and every dog that comes for daycare has passed an evaluation, our Meet & Greet, and has been reviewed by Canine Coaches and has interacted with other daycare dogs.

At dog parks, dogs of all sizes and personality are all playing together, often without regard for the play style other dogs have.

  1. Dog specific facilities

Dogs are the world to us, which is why we have developed playrooms that include features such as rubberized flooring (to help with long-term paw and joint health) and separate HVAC systems (to reduce the risk of air borne pathogens that carry disease and illness). Our staff cleans and sanitizes frequently and the indoor playrooms allow for all day play no matter the outside weather.

While dog parks are often conveniently located, they often fail to provide safe and effective play areas for pups. They can be riddled with environmental concerns and are completely reliant on the weather – and who would want to play outside when it is raining or 110 degrees F?

  1. Watch from home

Dogtopia employs webcam technology so you can check in on your furry friend while you are working, on a conference call, running errands, or away. Accessible from your phone or desktop, you can have peace of mind knowing your dog is playing all day with their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever).

Dog parks require uninterrupted attention and physical presence. Dog parks are not ideal for the busy dog mom or dad who wants to ensure their pup gets ample play time but has a hectic schedule of their own. And while dog sitting or walking services seem like a viable option, they expose your dog and home to strangers. In addition, your pup is getting minimal exercise and sporadic attention with only one person who is not properly trained in canine behavior. Plus, you can’t watch or show your friends with a handy camera.

  1. Pet safe cleaning products

Dogtopia utilizes a pet-safe cleaning program to clean and sanitize our playrooms. Our scientifically engineered cleaning program ensures that any cleaning product is safe for doggie health during open play.

When is the last time your dog park was really cleaned? If you can’t answer that question confidently, then the answer might not be as often as it should. Dog parks can be riddled with diseases like influenza, Giardia and ringworm and may not be regularly maintained by your parks department or the park manager.

Find a Dogtopia daycare center near you today for a safe, comfortable place for your pup to play!