Pug Eating Treat

We all know that cooking for someone can be the ultimate expression of love, so why not try on your chef’s hat to make amazingly healthy, homemade treats for your pup? And don’t worry; you don’t need to be the star of your own cooking show in order to know how to make these simple, lip-smacking delights!

Bacon It Up

The recent bacon obsession isn’t just limited to foodies and Instagram celebs; your dog is also clamouring for that smoky, tasty treat. Just be sure to use bacon that’s low in salt content. Our furbabies don’t need the extra sodium.

Try Bacon Flavored Dog Biscuits.

Not Just Chopped Liver

We may have hated liver as children but this meat has all the taste and flavour your pup loves! You just don’t need to tell them that it is loaded with healthy benefits like iron, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin B.

Try Simple Liver Treats For Your Dog.

No Red Meat? No Problem!

Dogs don’t always need red meat in their treats. If you are looking for a nice, healthy seafood option, how about offering a snack featuring low-sodium canned salmon? It’s packed with essential proteins as well as vitamin D and vitamin B12.

Try Salmon Crack.

Peanut Butter Time

You’ve heard of the benefits of healthy fats? Peanut butter is filled with heart-healthy fats that are perfect for your pup! It also includes niacin, vitamin B and vitamin E, which make this treat an awesome delicacy for your dog.

Try Homemade Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Treats.

These are just some examples of some great homemade dog treat recipes we’ve tried. Find us on Facebook and send us your favorites!