Dog outside during fall

Don’t let cooler temperatures put a freeze on your dog’s exercise routine. Though dogs tend to be very active in the summer thanks to long walks and frequent trips to the park, the colder weather can make some dogs (and their parents) reluctant to step outside. So how do you make sure your four-legged friend is getting enough exercise during cooler months? Here are some fun activities for you and your dog to try:

When the temperature dips, staying in motion will help both you and your dog stay warm. Try taking your dog with you on your next hike. Hiking has cardiovascular benefits for your dog while also working their quadriceps, hamstrings and core muscles. Also, a variety of surfaces may improve your dog’s proprioception, coordination and ability to react. Plus, a new area to explore and smell will keep your dog highly entertained. If going for a longer hike, make sure to bring water for both you and your dog.

Leaf Pile
Why not add some fun to your yard work? Rake up a big pile of leaves, and let your dog jump and play in the pile. They will be thrilled at the opportunity to make such a delightful mess.

Taking your dog with you on your run is a great way to spend their built-up energy. Just be sure your dog is over 1 year old and you set a comfortable pace your dog can handle. Make sure you end your run with a walk to cool them down. Grab your shoes and have fun! However, once the snow arrives, be sure to also cover their paws to protect them from salt and slush.

Teaching your dog to catch and fetch a Frisbee is enjoyable and inexpensive. Go to a park, an open field or your backyard and let your dog have fun. When you throw the Frisbee, don’t just watch your dog get it; race them to it.

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