How to celebrate Valentine's Day with your dog

Is your #1 Valentine furry, has four legs and gives sloppy kisses? Give your dog some extra attention on this special holiday by creating a memory you’ll always remember. Check out this list of fun Valentine’s Day activities to show your dog how much you appreciate their unconditional love.

Make Dog Treats

Engage in a little guilty pleasure! Spoil your dog with making something new and unique to what you usually give them. Try making dog bones and add some of their favorite flavors like bacon or pumpkin. Do they prefer something cold? Make a refreshing peanut butter and banana ice cream pop. You’ll feel good knowing you’re giving them safe, dog-friendly ingredients.

Take Them On An Adventure

Check out a new dog-friendly hiking trail you’ve heard about or go on a longer than normal walk at a local park. The change of scenery and smells will provide mental stimulation and a fun social outing. Plus, you’ll be giving them a good workout, which keeps them happy and healthy!

Go On A Shopping Spree

Retail therapy doesn’t only apply to humans! Take your dog to the local pet supply store and let him or her pick out some news toys that you can play with together. It’s important to rotate your pup’s toys so they don’t get bored. Let them roam the aisles and choose from the many options of chew toys, squeakers, balls and more.

Teach A New Trick

Quick and fun training sessions can bring excitement to your dog’s day. Not only do they get some tasty treats, but you’re giving them a great mental workout by engaging them in learning. Plus, these sessions give you the opportunity strengthen the bond between you and your pup.

Splurge On A Spa Day

Even dogs enjoy some pampering! A bath not only gets them fresh and clean, but it treats them to a little relaxation. At Dogtopia, you can give your furry friend the ultimate spa day by scheduling them for a bath, brush out, teeth brushing and nail trim. They’ll walk out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and feeling like a million bones. Click here to explore Dogtopia’s spa services.

Plan A Day of Fun With Their BFFFs

Go where everybody knows their name! Drop your pup off at dog daycare for a fun-filled day with their BFFFs (best furry friends forever). At Dogtopia daycare, they will love life running around the open playrooms, socializing with other like-minded dogs and our certified Canine Coaches, playing brain games and more! It will be the Most Exciting Day Ever and they’ll reward you with lots of love upon pickup! Find a Dogtopia in your neighborhood.

Make a Donation

Pay it forward! Your dog has changed your life with love, cuddles, laughter and fun; let them make a difference in the lives of others. The Dogtopia Foundation enables dogs to positively change our world by supporting service dogs for Veterans, youth literacy programs and employment initiatives for adults with autism. Make a donation in the name of your dog and feel good knowing you’re sharing your dog’s love with others. Make a donation online.