Dogs spend 8-10 hours socializing in open playrooms at Dogtopia daycare

Do you go on long walks with your dog, but when you get home your dog has just as much energy as when they started the walk? Does your pup want more playtime after you’ve enjoyed a game of fetch in the backyard? Are they busy interrupting your conference calls while you’re working from home?

Chances are they’re bored from the lack of socialization and movement in their day and may have even adopted some separation anxiety. Even if you’re home all the time, dogs are social animals and want to see more than just you (no offense) and their home or neighborhood. While you’re busy working or doing chores, they aren’t getting the exercise, socialization and mental stimulation they crave and need to thrive. Just because you’re home more, doesn’t mean they are more active. When this lack of socialization happens, they tend to act out in destructive behavior. It’s their way of telling you they need to be doing activities that keep them stimulated. You may have already noticed some of these new behaviors like an increase in barking, whining or whimpering, chewing on household items or an increase in self grooming. These are all signs your dog isn’t getting enough exercise or socialization. Not to worry, you can help break these new habits.

Dogs thrive off of routine. If you can’t commit to the needed exercise your dog requires on a regular basis, consider dog daycare.  At Dogtopia, they’ll burn off all that energy, interact with other dogs and humans and even learn a new trick or command they can show off at home. Here are just a few ways dog daycare at Dogtopia can help you and your pup maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle:


Expelling energy and getting a good amount of exercise to keep fit won’t be a problem in our spacious, climate-controlled playrooms. Dogs have free roam of our open playrooms giving them 8-10 hours of supervised play. Some Dogtopia locations even feature an outdoor play space giving pups the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. And, they’re designed with your dog’s health and safety in mind featuring compressed rubberized flooring, the highest air quality available and UV lights to kill germs.


At Dogtopia, dogs enjoy fun-filled days playing with their BFFFs (best furry friends forever) and interacting with our caring Canine Coaches. In the playrooms, dogs are separated by size and temperament to encourage positive experiences and learn good canine behavior by interacting with like-minded dogs. Reports cards are often sent home to provide updates on your dog’s behavior and new learnings. Pet parents can join in on the fun too by watching their pups on our web cams available on our mobile app or website.

Mental Stimulation

Every day at Dogtopia is different, exposing pups to new experiences, dogs, sights and smells helps to keep their minds active and engaged. A robust events calendars provides dogs with fun experiences like agility courses, arts and crafts, dance parties, and fun photos shoots. And, we incorporate educational activities throughout the day teaching basic commands, practicing good manners, brain games and more.

Don’t feel guilty that you don’t have enough time or energy to play with your dog all the time. We’re here to help! Bring them to Dogtopia for plenty of fun, exercise and learning! You’ll pick up a calm and happy dog and go home to relax together.

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