Winter is around the corner and although the temperature is dropping, your dog’s exercise schedule shouldn’t cool off with it. Whether it’s too cold for your dog or simply too much work to bundle up for a daily walk, your dog still needs to get adequate exercise!  

When your dog doesn’t use their built-up energy every day, it can cause problems not only for their physical health, but also their mental health. Dogs may become lethargic and lazy which may lead to pet obesity or restlessness which can result in abnormal and undesirable behaviors. 

If the temperature continues to drop in your area and you or your pup don’t want to brave the cold, check out a few ideas to keep your dog active even during chilly weather! 

Stair Games 

If you have a flight of stairs in your home, use them for a few rounds of intense fetch! Throw your dog’s favorite toy and have them bring it back to you. This will not only tucker out your pup, but will also burn a bunch of calories, too.  


A simple and effective way to keep your pup busy while indoors is with pet-safe toys. To keep their interest high, introduce a new toy on a regular basis or rotate your dog’s toys to keep them entertained. Food or treat dispensing toys are becoming increasingly popular as they keep a dog’s interest for an extended period of time knowing a reward is in sight. Keep in mind, every treat adds calories to your furry friend’s diet. Please consult your local veterinarian before you make any big shifts in your dog’s diet. 

Play Hide & Seek 

Tell your dog to stay. Then, walk away and hide somewhere in your home. Once you’ve found your perfect spot, call their name in an energetic tone. Keep calling them until they find you and give them plenty of pets and praise once they do. This game can also be played with dogs who are unfamiliar with the “stay” command. Have a family member hold them in place until you hide. This game is not only a great way to get your furry friend moving, but it also strengthens the bond between you and your pup! 

Arrange a Play Date 

Invite a few of your dog’s furry friends over for a play date. This will surely keep them active and entertained because after all, nothing is better than spending time with their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever)! 

Outdoor Play 

Playing in the snow may be fun for your dog and is a great way to burn off some of their pent-up energy! If you allow your pup to play outside, frequently check the pads of their paws for any cracking or bleeding. Sidewalks and walkways can be icy and slippery and the rock salt used to add traction can irritate your dog’s paws. After every walk, check your dog’s paws for debris or ice buildup and wipe them down with a warm, wet cloth when they come inside. Keeping the hair between their pads neatly trimmed will help alleviate ice accumulation which will only further bother your pup. 

Indoor Dog Daycare 

Want a better way to give your dog some much needed exercise and socialization? Give your pup an exciting day of play at Dogtopia! They will enjoy a fun-filled day of safe socialization with other like-minded pups, interaction with our loving and highly trained team, plenty of exercise and best of all, the opportunity to burn off all their built-up energy. No matter the weather outside, our indoor open-play playrooms are the perfect option for your furry friend to get socialization, education and exercise. You’ll love picking up a tired and very content pup at the end of a full day of play. For more information, find a Dogtopia location near you.