Dog with paw up against glass with tongue out

Looking to spend a little extra quality time with your pup and test their creative abilities? Try out one of these DIY arts and craft activities from the list below! They’re easy, fun and will create a piece of art for your home you can both enjoy! 

Lick Art 

Dogs love creating art, especially when it means they get a tasty snack in the process! Lick Art or Canvas Art is a fun way to get your dog involved in the creative process. To create art with your dog, place a small, blank canvas in a plastic sealable bag with a few drops of paint directly on the canvas. Secure the bag to ensure no paint spills out of the bag. Lastly, add peanut butter or baby food to the top of the plastic bag. As your pup licks the paint off the bag, they will be creating a work of art by moving the paint around. Once your dog has licked all peanut butter or baby food from the bag, remove the canvas from the plastic bag and allow it to dry. In a few hours, you will have a one-of-a-kind work of art created by your dog! 

Dogtopia daycares love to host painting events with your pups! Dogtopia of Eau Claire in Wisconsin showed off their daycare dogs’ works of art on their Instagram. You can see the beautiful artwork here! 

Paw Print Art 

Paw print art is a simple and creative way to decorate your home with artwork painted by your pup. Using a pet-safe product, dip your pup’s paw into the ink or paint and press onto a canvas, art board, or coaster. Once the painting portion of the art project has been completed, it is important to clean your pup’s paws to keep colorful paint from being tracked all over your home. 

Depending on the reason or season, you can draw around the paw prints to create holiday artwork or birthday cards for friends and family. A few designs which can be created from paw print art include: 

  • Flowers 
  • Tree 
  • Hearts 
  • Pumpkins 
  • Four leaf clovers 
  • Thanksgiving turkeys 
  • Wreaths 
  • Snowmen 
  • Snowflakes 

Dogtopia of Milford in Connecticut loves to show off their arts and crafts projects! You can see their artwork and gain inspiration by clicking here.  

Paw Print Clay Paperweight or Ornament 

Looking for a gift for a friend who loves your dog? Or interested in a keepsake made especially for you? Pawprint ornaments or paperweights might be the perfect present! A variety of kits are available to create these keepsakes, however it is important to source a clay that is non-toxic and pet friendly. 

To make this the best experience for your pup, it will be best to wait until they are a bit more relaxed after a long walk or a day of daycare. Shape the clay into a rounded disk. Press your pup’s paw firmly into the clay, ensuring the pawprint is evenly pressed for a clear print. Refer to the directions on your clay kit for baking temperatures and times to solidify your project. Wash your pup’s paw to ensure all clay has been removed. 

If you are interested in decorating, add paint or glitter to your final project after the clay has hardened. 

Dogtopia Daycare Arts & Crafts 

Want your pup to enjoy arts and crafts but don’t want the mess? Dogtopia daycares incorporate art days into their monthly events calendar all the time! And many of these events also benefit the Dogtopia Foundation, so your pup is getting creative for a good cause. To enroll your dog in a day of fun where they can stretch their muscles and put their skills to the test, locate a Dogtopia near you by clicking here. We promise your dog will have the Most Exciting Day Ever and you’ll love having a one-of-a-kind keepsake just for you.