Dogtopia Canine Coaches engaging with dogs in playroom

Like most people, dogs live their healthiest and happiest lives when a regular schedule is in place.

A day in the life of your pup should include physical exercise, feedings on a regular schedule, downtime to rest and relax, and other fun social interactions. These healthy and routine habits assist with your dog’s overall wellness. And who doesn’t want their dog to live longer?

Regular Feeding Schedule:

On average, every dog should be fed twice a day. This may change due to the age or breed of the dog. Puppies and young dogs usually need more than two meals a day to ensure they are growing big and strong! Certain breeds of dogs may need to be fed more than twice a day to maintain appropriate blood sugar levels. If you have any specific questions regarding how frequently you should be feeding your dog, your local veterinarian will be your best resource.

When feeding your dog twice a day, it is important to maintain the same distance between feedings day after day. A typical feeding schedule for most pups is once in the morning and once in the evening. When feeding your dog in the morning, ensure there is enough time to allow your dog to go outside or go for a small walk to relieve themselves. For supper, feed your dog with enough time to allow them to digest and relieve themselves before bed. This will allow you to get a full night’s rest and your pup will feel comfortable all night long!

Regular Exercise:

In addition to a consistent meal schedule, regular exercise is equally important to a dog’s health and well-being. Dogs were once free-range animals and by allowing them into our homes as pets, we sometimes forget they were once wild animals. With their amount of exercise decreasing as these once-wild-animals become at-home pets, it is important to allocate time each day for movement and exercise. Whether it’s playing fetch in the backyard, a walk around the block, or a day at Dogtopia daycare, your dog will enjoy moving and stimulating their muscles and minds.

Struggling with providing your dog with a consistent routine?

At Dogtopia, we know structure is important for your dog’s development and health. Here’s a typical day at our dog daycare:

  • Opening – 12 p.m.: Safe, supervised open-play time which includes loads of playtime, brain games and fun with their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever)
  • 12 p.m. – 2 p.m.: Well-deserved naptime. Each dog is provided some much needed “me” time, so they don’t get over-stimulated in exciting environments like a playroom. During this time, we also provide lunches and/or administer medications when applicable.
  • 2 p.m. – Closing: Open play again before pet parents pick up a tired, happy and calm dog.

In addition to a regular play time schedule, Dogtopia daycares provide NutriSource Pet Food in the event you forget your dog’s lunch, that way, their feeding schedule remains intact. Like Dogtopia, NutriSource Pet Foods has always prioritized the health and happiness of furry family members. In business since 1964, NutriSource offers a wide variety of diets for dogs of all sizes and ages while tailoring products to pets’ individual needs such as weight management, high performance and age. Its wide variety of wholesome ingredients support proper digestion and gut health, proper nutrient utilization, cognitive health and brain function, and a healthy coat and skin.

All dogs deserve the best care and nutrition.

Dogtopia is proud to partner with NutriSource Pet Food to ensure Dogtopia dogs are receiving the highest quality food and treats. Ready to commit to your dog’s overall health and wellness and build a healthy routine? Find a Dogtopia daycare near you by clicking here! Your pup will love playing with their BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever) and eating nutritious food and you’ll love how happy and content they are when they return home.