Raise your hand if you love Thanksgiving and all of the fall flavors! Luckily for dogs, many of the festive foods we enjoy during the fall season can be prepared in a way so they can enjoy them alongside us and are high in vitamins and minerals, too! The list below is filled with items you and your pup can enjoy together to welcome fall and kick off a wholesome and tasty holiday season!  


It wouldn’t be fall without pumpkin for all! Pumpkin is packed with fiber, Vitamins A, C, and E, iron and potassium and low in calories which makes it an ideal snack when temperatures begin to drop. Pups with digestive issues can greatly benefit from enjoying pumpkin, too. Whether you’re whipping up your dog’s favorite fall snacks or adding a dollop to their food, pumpkin is a fall favorite for pups and pet parents alike. 

When purchasing pumpkin, be sure to note the pumpkin is plain without any spices or added sugars to not upset a dog’s stomach. 


Raw, unseasoned carrots are a nutritious and low calorie snack your dog will love. Carrots are in season in the fall and support your pup’s vision and heart health. Chewing raw carrots is also great for your dog’s teeth and gums. 

When allowing your dog to enjoy carrots, please remember to serve them unseasoned, preferably raw and cut into bite-sized pieces. 

Peanut Butter 

Pups love peanut butter! Packed with fiber and protein, peanut butter is a great snack to add to food or to a few DIY homemade treats. Some of our favorite recipes are made with peanut butter! Check out a few of our favorite recipes!

When preparing a peanut butter snack, ensure there is no xylitol in the peanut butter as xylitol is incredibly toxic and harmful to dogs. 

Green Beans 

Looking for a healthy treat swap your dog will love? Green beans are a great alternative to store bought dog treats and are packed with Vitamins A and C, iron, and protein, making it a healthy snack that supports your furry friend’s immune system and blood health. 

When preparing green beans for your dog, ensure they are free of spices or cooking oils because this veggie is best served fresh on its own! 


Satisfy your pup’s sweet tooth with a fresh apple treat! Apples are an excellent low-calorie snack filled with Vitamin A, antioxidants, and fiber which promotes digestive health. In addition to internal benefits, apples can also assist in keeping your dog’s teeth clean and breath smelling fresh. 

Dogs should never be given a whole apple to enjoy. Instead, wash and cut the apple into slices and remove the core and seeds. Washing the apple will prevent your dog from ingesting any pesticides found on the apple’s skin and removing the core and seeds will prevent choking hazards and make the treat easy to digest. 


Some dogs love them, and some dogs think their flavor is too tart to handle, but cranberries are a great treat for our furry family members. Whether fresh, dried, or cooked, cranberries are ideal for boosting your dog’s urinary health. 

Holiday favorites such as cranberry juice and cranberry sauce are high in sugar and may include ingredients that are unsafe for dogs. If you want to reward your pup with a cranberry snack, please ensure there are no additives which could upset your dog’s stomach. 


Turkey is a fall favorite, especially around Thanksgiving! Packed with nutrients and protein, turkey is sure to be enjoyed by all. Although dogs may want to enjoy the whole turkey, it is best to give them pieces in moderation as to not upset their stomachs. When deciding which pieces to feed your pup, offer only white meat from the turkey rather than fat, skin, or dark meat as these fattier pieces can lead to upset stomachs and even acute pancreatitis. Be cautious if planning to sneak your dog a few table scraps from the Thanksgiving table, the garlic, onion and other seasonings used to cook the turkey can upset your dog’s stomach and turn a joyous holiday into a stressful one.  

Avoid giving your dog turkey bones as a special treat. These bones may splinter in your dog’s stomach and cause internal bleeding or an intestinal blockage. 

Sweet Potato 

Sweet potatoes are great for digestion and are filled with vitamins such as Vitamin A and other minerals which help fight disease and infection while promoting healthy skin, eyes and coat.  

When preparing a sweet potato treat for your dog, keep butter, spices and other harmful ingredients out of your recipe as pups enjoy sweet potato best when fully cooked and served plain.  

Before modifying your dog’s diet in any way, please speak with your veterinarian to ensure your dog will react well to these diet changes. 

Foods to Keep Out of Reach of Dogs 

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without sweets! Desserts including chocolate should not be enjoyed by dogs as chocolate is toxic and may harm your pup. Sugary foods of any kind may upset your dog’s stomach. To keep your dog healthy and in shape this holiday season, reward them with healthy snacks from the list above to keep them healthy and lively. 

Enjoying Fall at Dogtopia 

As the weather starts to drop, the playrooms at Dogtopia are always the perfect temperature so dogs can enjoy the benefits of daycare all year long. Plus, many Dogtopia daycare centers bring the fall indoors with special fall-inspired treat days and special activities. No matter the weather outside, we promise your dog will always have the Most Exciting Day Ever! Find your nearest Dogtopia daycare today to ensure your dog doesn’t miss out on any of the fall festivities!