Dogtopia Canine Coach with dog in playroom

February is Responsible Pet Ownership Month and Pet Dental Month and the perfect time to review your dog’s wellness! At Dogtopia, we place a strong focus on the health and wellness of our dogs in our playrooms through brain games for education, agility for tons of exercise, playtime with their BFFFs for loads of socialization, post-daycare wellness checks and more. Are you keeping up with your dog’s overall health and wellbeing, so they are around for years to come? Making little changes and being mindful about regular health and hygiene checks can go a long way! Here are some helpful wellness tips to keep in mind so you can ensure your dog’s health is in top shape:  

Healthy Treat Swaps 

Dogs love table scraps and people food, but these treats can be high in calories and low in nutrition. Fresh fruits and veggies can be a great alternative to high-calorie snacks and will keep your pup energized and healthy. A few fresh alternatives are frozen blueberries, fresh apple slices (remember to remove all seeds!), and plain green beans. As a reminder, ask your veterinarian regarding any large dietary changes to your dog’s food and treats. 

Doggie Dental Health 

We love it when our dog smiles in our direction, so let’s make sure those teeth are clean and healthy all year long! The first sign of poor tooth hygiene is oftentimes bad breath. This may be caused by leftover food and bacteria built up around a dog’s gums and teeth causing plaque buildup. Plaque can harden and lead to disease and other problems like broken and cracked teeth. 

To prevent potential dental issues, consider the toys they play with and cleaning measures you use to keep their teeth free of debris and bacteria. Chew toys that bend can be helpful when maintaining your pup’s dental health. The production of saliva can also improve a dog’s breath!  If possible, wipe your dog’s teeth down with a warm washcloth. This will allow any excess food, bacteria, dead cells, or even extra saliva to be removed. If your dog allows you to brush their teeth on a regular basis, it is recommended you take a few minutes to clean their teeth with proper tools. 

We know it might be hard for your dog to sit still long enough to brush their teeth. Dogtopia daycares offer teeth brushing as a spa service provided. If you want to have your dog’s teeth brushed during their next daycare visit, inform a Canine Coach at your next visit! 

Regular Visits to Your Vet 

The most important thing you can do as a responsible pet parent is to take your dog to their veterinarian on a regular basis. Regular vet visits ensure your pup is growing and aging appropriately. A vet will also keep your dog’s vaccination records up to date while keeping a watchful eye for early signs of infection and disease. Maintaining an up-to-date vaccination schedule is important and required for your dog to play with their BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever) at Dogtopia! 

Brain Games & Exercise 

Regular play and exercise will keep your dog’s agility and mental health in top shape. The most well-behaved dogs receive enough playtime and exercise which also prevents unpleasant habits from forming. Dogs who find themselves bored take up negative activities such as barking, chewing, or destruction of objects. Taking your dog for walks around the neighborhood, playing a game of fetch, or stimulating their mind with a brain game are great options to boost your dog’s mood and provide them with daily exercise. Brain games can include any toy that allows your dog to really think about how to achieve a prize – aka a treat! Your dog will have to push certain buttons in a sequence or tap their nose to a various part of the toy to receive the prize, all the while stimulating your dog’s brain! 

Dogtopia daycare is also a great solution for a busy pet parent who wants to ensure their dog receives plenty of exercise. We understand it may be hard to find the time or energy to exercise your dog on a regular basis, but at Dogtopia, your dog will spend the entire day playing with their BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever) and getting plenty of exercise and socialization. 


In the event your dog gets separated from you, a microchip will bring them home! Most dogs are microchipped when they are young. This is ideal because if they get lost or escape from you at any point, someone who finds your dog can take them to a veterinarian to find your name and bring them back to you. The process is simple and is the safest way to ensure your dog will come home if lost. Please take a moment to ensure your dog’s registration is up to date. 

Dogs are the world to us. They give us their all every day and expect nothing in return, which is why we must take care of them and maintain their health and well-being. Being a responsible pet parent is crucial in keeping your pup around for years to come. Treat your dog and celebrate Responsible Pet Ownership Month and Pet Dental Month by bringing them to Dogtopia for the Most Exciting Day Ever! From hours of open play to pampering spa services, Dogtopia offers it all and your pup will thank you for it. We have locations all over North America and would love to treat your dog as our own. Find a location near to you by clicking here!