Podcasts can be a great way for franchisees to stay on top of the latest trends and developments in the world of business. Different podcasts cover nearly every topic you could think of, and shows can be streamed for free whenever you’ve got time to listen, whether it’s while working, working out, commuting or doing something else entirely.

Looking for a few good franchise-themed podcasts to add to your listening list? Here are three highly regarded shows you’re sure to find informative and educational.

Franchise Euphoria: http://franchiseeuphoria.com/

This top-rated podcast, hosted by franchise lawyer and entrepreneur Josh Brown, provides an honest, authentic, and entertaining look at the world of franchising while helping growth-minded entrepreneurs plot a path to greater success. A 15-year franchising veteran, Brown is an engaging and knowledgeable host who isn’t afraid to reveal the unvarnished truth about certain aspects of life in the franchise business. Brown’s accomplished guests enrich the listening experience by offering their takes on different aspects of business and franchising. Whether you’re looking for legal advice, need help coming up with a business plan, or just want to know whether franchising is right for you, you’ll get all the answers you need from this popular podcast.

Social Geek Radio: http://socialgeekradio.com/

This podcast, a favorite of many small business owners, is meant to get you in touch with your inner geek. Technology can be a scary thing for franchisees who struggle to understand the multitude of new developments and practices out there, but this podcast tries to demystify such topics while providing helpful information about cutting-edge tools and creative solutions. The hosts are consultant and show founder Deb Evans and marketing and communication specialist Jack Monson. Expert guests offer insights and advice, and share stories from their own experiences. Shows usually appear weekly and feature discussions on the use of social media, digital marketing, and new technologies for businesses, brands, and franchises. Learn which social platform best suits your business, and how to use it to connect with customers and build a community.

Unemployable: https://unemployable.com/podcast/

Hosted by writer and self-described ‘serial entrepreneur’ Brian Clark, a veteran of eight successful business startups, this bi-monthly podcast promises to provide “actionable strategies for ambitious freelancers and creative entrepreneurs.” A pioneer of online content marketing, Clark draws upon his own experiences, and those of his high-profile guests, to offer invaluable and inspirational lessons to anyone who would rather work for themselves than spend any more time toiling for ‘the man.’ Well-reviewed by its legions of loyal listeners, this podcast will push you to take your franchise to the next level.