About Dogtopia

Ideal franchisee

Woman hugging a dog


We’re looking for clever and tenacious individuals to help execute Dogtopia’s vision. Whether you’re seeking a new career path or you just want to diversify your business portfolio, Dogtopia offers you an opportunity to do something you’ll not only love but grow into a thriving business. For many, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to break free from the daily grind and operate a fun lifestyle business with huge demand in your community. We have prime opportunities available with room to grow.

Think about your community, the place you live and love. Now think about bringing that community a heart and soul with high-quality pet care services. Nothing tops creating a source of pride for your community and simultaneously generating revenue for yourself by doing something that you enjoy. It’s a business you’ll feel good about owning.

As a Dogtopia franchisee, you’ll spend your days playing with dogs, engaging with pet parents, and fostering valued relationships of trust in your local community. At the same time, you’ll be teaching your team members responsibility, the value of hard work, and providing growth opportunities for learning and development within your facility. All the while building a better future for you and your family through business ownership. If that sounds good, a Dogtopia franchise might be the perfect business opportunity for you!


Dogtopia franchisees come from various backgrounds and experiences. Dogtopia attracts men and women, husbands and wives, and partners from all across Canada who understand the value of working together as a collective system to achieve our goals. Our owners are motivated, tenacious and passionate. Each one is different, but each one shares a common trait: an affinity for dogs and a desire to grow a successful business.

The Dogtopia business model supports four targeted franchisee profiles:

  • Owner-Operator: No previous business experience necessary, hands-on operator, assumes the role of general manager
  • Corporate refugee/displaced executive: Previous corporate professionals & executives, first-time entrepreneur, some relative business and management experience, hands-on operator
  • Diversifying serial entrepreneur looking for next growth vehicle: Empire builders, absentee/semi-absentee, investor type (Area Developer), strong previous or current business experience, affinity with franchise businesses and leading brands
  • Diversifying, experienced multi-brand/multi-unit franchisee: looking for next big thing, strong existing management team, infrastructure, and financial resources to develop a large market quickly

Desired Background of Ideal Candidates

  • Some management/business experience/background: helpful, but not required
  • Skills in: sales, management of personnel, training, marketing and/or customer service
  • Doesn’t have to love dogs – must LIKE dogs! And must LOVE the business of dogs!
  • Passionate about the business opportunity, industry growth, and demand