Good manners start at home. If the dogs will listen to your commands in the house then they will be better behaved on walks. Make both sit before you give them attention or food. Practice commands together: make one sit on one side of the room and the other sit on the other side of the room. Ask one to sit as you tell the other to down. Be sure to lavishly praise all compliance. If one makes a mistake, that’s ok! Just start over.

Make sure the walks start out calm. If they are crazy as you put on the leashes, then they will be crazy on a walk. Pick up the leashes and if they start jumping/running around, put the leashes down and walk away. When they calm, try again. The goal is that they patiently wait as put on the leashes and get ready for the walk.

Have them sit five times in the first five minutes of a walk. This will remind them that they need to look to you for guidance and not each other.

Remember to praise! Calmly praise them and even give them a treat any time they make a good decision on a walk. If we only react when they are being naughty then we will never fix the issue. But, if they learn that good behavior gets praise, treats, and attention from mom then they will be better behaved on the next walk.