A dog may ring bells to go outside, but unless they are fully house trained then they will still think they can go potty in the house as well. Why ring the bell to potty when they can just go on the rug?

If the bell has become the signal to go outside, but not necessarily just potty, then there is a disconnect. In a dog’s mind: “I ring bell. Mom opens door. I get to play/eat a leaf/run around/etc.” If your dog rings the bell, make sure their only option outside is pottying and then coming back in.

To housetrain your dog, try these simple tips:

  • Take your dog out on a regular schedule. Most puppies will need to go every 3 hours or after they sleep, play, and eat.
  • Keep a potty diary. If you know when they have gone in the past, you can predict the future!
  • Move your dog’s food bowl around the house – dogs don’t like to eat and potty in the same place.
  • If you take them out to potty and they don’t or you think they have to go more, keep them on leash and with you in the house. This will prevent your pup from sneaking away and if they do squat, you are right there to catch them.
  • If they don’t go the first time, wait 10-20 minutes then take them back outside. Praise when them when they go where they should.
  • If you catch your dog in the act, say nope, and quickly pick them up and carry them outside to where they should go potty.
  • Clean any accidents with pet deodorizer to eliminate the scent for the dog (like Dogtopia’s Eliminator available at your local Dogtopia).
  • Patience and understanding is key. Your dog isn’t being bad, they are learning their way in the world. They will get it.