A few easy training tips include the sit and stay commands. Before you start training your dog, clearly visualize what you want him to do. Do you want him to sit when you say “sit”? When you give a hand cue for sit? Both? Should he sit straight up? Can he lean on a hip? Does he have to stay sitting until you tell him to move or is a simple touch of his rump to the ground enough? Once you know exactly what you want your dog to do when you give him a command then it will be easier to teach him. Focus on only one command at a time. This will allow him to concentrate on what you are teaching him. Practice with your dog at least 15 minutes a day and lavishly reward any success with treats and/or praise. If you find your dog is repetitively failing, then make the task easier. Once he starts to understand what you want, then you can increase the level of difficulty.