If you were to conduct a Google search of “traits needed to succeed as a franchisee” or “top 5 traits of a successful franchisee”, you will find that almost everything served up to you will be very general.  Sure, it may prove to be moderately helpful as you continue to research a business opportunity, but did it really tell you anything you didn’t already suspect were characteristics to succeed at franchise ownership?  

  • Hard working 
  • Reliable 
  • Self-starter 
  • Good communicator 
  • Driven by results 
  • Strong leader/manager 

Not that any of the above traits are not valuable, or desirable characteristics of an entrepreneur, but every single thing listed above is generic enough to succeed at just about anything.  I would like to challenge you to think a little differently.  Below, are a few of the characteristics that we look for at Dogtopia Canada when we are evaluating potential Franchise Partners.  

An undying commitment to provida world class customer experience: Whoever said that good customer service is just common sense, was wrong! Customer service aptitude is a talent and a skill that needs nurturing – Dogtopia Franchise Partners are passionate about delivering an excellent experience to every Pet Parent, every time 

You need to have the ability to be objective:  Owning a Dogtopia franchise or any franchise for that matter is an exercise in objectivity. There needs to be an understanding that you are not the only one that matters in this business relationship.  Being a franchisee requires you to be able to not only see things through the lenses of you and your customer, but also through the lenses of the franchisor.  The strength of the brand isn’t just up to the franchisorthere is a codependency on you as a strong, committed, objective franchisee who is willing to work in tandem towards common goals.    

You need to be level-headed:  Running a business is tough, it’s stressful and quite frankly, few people are actually cut out to do it.  Owning a business can be lonely and very manic, you can be in a state of euphoria one minute, then two hours later, you want to climb into bed, pull the covers up over your head and stay there until the problem disappears.  The more level-headed and grounded you are as an individual the better.  You want to be able to condition yourself like a military officer and not to get to high with the wins or too low with the battles you lose. You need to have the ability to take emotion out of a business challenge and tackle it with a level head.  

Understand that hard work doesn’t translate into the desired results right away.  Have you ever tried to lose weight and get in shape?  You spend a few weeks dieting and working out only to be disappointed that the results on the scale don’t seem to match the work output – in fact, after all the hours of working out and exhibiting immense will-power to eat right, all you are is tired, sore and hungry!  Running a business is very similar and owning a dog daycare is no different. The most successful Dogtopia Franchise Partners understand that building their business requires, discipline, consistency and a conscious effort to following proven systems – only then will it translate into the desired results.   

You need to be coachable:  You need to have a desire to continually better yourself as a business professional and entrepreneur.  Anyone who is successful at their craft has had consistent coaching in one form or another.  Top athletes, entrepreneurs, educators and performers have established a network of people that they trust and learn from who ultimately help them to become more successful.  One of the most overlooked advantaged to being part of a strong franchise system is both the formal and informal business coaching that is available to you.  Not only do Dogtopians have access to education and formal coaching programs from global leaders in entrepreneurship and the pet care sector, they have an informal network of 200+ other Franchise Partners to lean on. (We like to call this our Village of Knowledge) All you need, is a growth mindset and a burning desire for self-improvement.   

If you feel that you can give yourself high marks in the above-mentioned characteristics, your likelihood of success will be that much higher, but where the magic really happens is when you are also driven by our Noble Cause.  This one of the single most important attributes of a Dogtopia Canada Franchise Partner.  At Dogtopia, we live by our Noble Cause which simply states that we exist TO ENHANCE THE JOY OF DOG PARENTHOOD AND ENABLE DOGS TO POSITIVELY CHANGE OUR WORLD.  When you believe this and you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of Pet Parents and their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever), you become a true brand advocate and a master story teller of how every day is the best day ever at Dogtopia.  

If you would like more information on becoming a Franchise Partner with Canada’s fastest growing dog daycare franchise, please click here, fill out the form and someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly.  

Guest post by Travis Tinning.