Starting a dog walking business sounds like a great idea, until you realize that you have to work outside in unpredictable weather, deal with your customers’ conflicting schedules and coordinate your own marketing efforts, all without support. Instead, people with a love for dogs who are interested in a new business opportunity should consider a Dogtopia franchise.

Dogtopia franchises are popping up all around North America, and with plans to open 40 new locations in the United States this year alone, there’s no better time to jump on board.

The Drawbacks Dog Walkers Face

There are a number of drawbacks to starting a dog-walking business besides being at the mercy of Mother Nature. First, there’s the inconsistent revenue, based directly on the number of customers a dog walker is able to muster through marketing campaigns they have to pay for themselves.

Secondly, there’s all the time that’s required to travel to and from each home, regardless of the weather, and the time required to give each animal the individualized attention they need. Coordinating schedules to take care of two or more dogs at once can be very tricky with customers in different parts of town.

And forget about sick days. Each customer and every dog in your care depends on you to clock in every day at a consistent time, even if you’re feeling too sick to get off the couch.

Becoming a professional dog walker isn’t the walk in the park it first appears to be.

A Proven Success Rate

Instead, being a Dogtopia franchisee offers all the positive benefits of joining the booming pet care industry without the drawbacks of being a dog-walker.

First and foremost, there’s support. Within a franchise system, you have the security of knowing you’re never alone. And since Dogtopia was one of the early pioneers in the dog daycare industry, we’ve had over 15 years to refine and perfect our model. There is always someone to turn to for answers and assistance, be it the Support Office or other franchisees. Dogtopia’s dedicated team of experienced franchise professionals and franchisees are engaged with you every step of the way.

Then there’s the extensive training. Dogtopia provides strong support to its franchisees, including a 30-day training program at Dogtopia University in Phoenix, Arizona, extensive marketing and sales training, weekly one-on-one coaching calls, and ongoing webinars, seminars and regional workshops after your franchise has opened its doors.

Once you become a Dogtopian, you’re part of a team.

Also, Dogtopia franchisees get rewarding emotional feedback from making a positive difference in the lives of many four-legged friends and their human companions.

As a Dogtopia franchisee, you’ll spend your days playing with dogs, engaging with pet parents and fostering positive relationships of trust in your local community. At the same time, you’ll be teaching your team members responsibility and the value of hard work while providing career growth opportunities.

Not only will you be working in a recession-proof industry, you’ll own a daycare center that requires no inventory and offers multiple revenue channels (daycare, boarding, spa, grooming, training and retail).

There’s no question, owning a Dogtopia is a lot better than bundling up to brave winter’s icy embrace or melting in summer’s extreme heat while you trek across town as a dog walker.