Do Canadian Vets love Dogtopia? Why on earth wouldn’t they?

At  Dogtopia Canada we are big supporters of the Veterinarians and their teams in our local trading markets and share many of the same values. Whether it be required vaccinations or emergency evacuation plans Dogs mean the World to us.

Like our veterinary friends, we put Dog Health and Safety as our top priorities ahead of all else. We invest significantly in high standards of hygiene, safety standards, cleaning protocols and human training, within our daycare facilities.

Be it an HVAC system that completely exchanges the dog playroom air every 10-12 minutes, the UV protection against bacteria on our air intake, or our rubberized flooring to ease the impact on joints, we are serious about the health of all dogs in our care at Dogtopia Canada.

We are the largest Dog Daycare Franchise in North America, with over 155 locations operating and we have just celebrated our 18th opening in Canada. The latest opening, in Regina, Saskatchewan, broke all previous records for sales preopening, as well as for the number of Dogs in Daycare on opening day. To see the amazing standards of our latest design, take a virtual 3D tour here: Dogtopia Regina

Like our veterinary friends, designated an essential service, Dogtopia locations have remained open throughout 2020 and into 2021. This attests to the recession resilience of the Dogtopia Model having multiple revenue streams and a loyal and consistent customer demand.