We are pleased to announce the opening of our 17th daycare centre in Canada on Monday! Congratulations to the Don Valley Team!Congratulations to Bryan Ward and Kelly Downing!

Dogtopia of Don Valley is Now Open for Dogs!

Bryan and Kelly are full time dog lovers and proud dog parents to Dani (Rhodesian Ridgeback) and Duncan (Hound mix) who is the recent addition to the family. Bryan was born in Toronto and grew up two blocks away in the Pleasant View area of North York. He worked in the product development field, supplying retail products to major North American retailers. Kelly was born and raised in Ottawa and moved to Toronto in 2002 after completing Business Marketing at Fanshawe College. Shortly after they married in 2017, Bryan and Kelly decided to turn their true passion into a family business. They discovered Dogtopia which aligned perfectly with their values and the journey began.

Jessica, the General Manager and Lexi, the PPRM have been busy promoting Founders Offer and pre-selling 100 Founders offers to kick off Bootcamp last week with their entire team. Greg, the BOH Operations Manager starting working alongside Canine Coach Trainer Tatiyana prepping a team of 15 coaches until our Bootcamp was interrupted by a flood in the basement.

This was unexpected but Bryan, Kelly and the team remained calm, focused and determined to kick off Meet and Greets this week which did happen! The team will see 50 of their Founders Offers this week with the remaining scheduled in the next 7-10 days. So far 80% of the meet and greets have returned for daycare day 1!! Due to COVID restrictions and protocols it will be a steady stream of Meet and Greets but the team will leverage this pace to continue building emotional connections with pet parents and delivering the First Week Dog Program.

This lovely daycare centre is approximately 5800 sq. ft with 3153 of square footage dedicated to the 3 playrooms. Located in an established part of Toronto also known as North York there are in the heart of a busy shopping area with a mall, grocery store and other complimentary pet businesses. This area has lots of parking and easy access to the highway which is convenient for pet parents dropping off and picking up their pups.

Go, Don Valley Go!

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