In today’s increasingly digital world, word of mouth is a more powerful business driver than ever before. With the proliferation of online reviews and ‘star’ rankings, consumer experiences have never been more accessible or influential. The key is recognizing that power and harnessing those online reviews to grow your franchise. Below are some time-tested tips that will earn you ‘stars’ and, in turn, propel your business toward accelerated growth.

Start With A Quality Service

A successful franchise business starts with a quality service – something that Dogtopia prides itself on. The foundation of Dogtopia’s model is built on our mission of enhancing the joy of dog parenthood. So, it stands to reason that the best thing you can do for your business is consider that manifesto in everything you do, from your facilities to your employees to your valued customers – the two-legged and the furry four-legged varieties.

Invest your time and energy into bringing the best possible product to the marketplace. That’s why our daycare provides safe and supervised play-packed days, our boarding serves as the ultimate sleepover and our spa pampers to perfection. Dogtopia’s quality product is what sets us apart and when you take such care in the services and products you provide, the online reviews are sure to follow. We know our canine friends are very vocal about their feelings, as are their pet parents.

Engage With Online Reviews

With your franchise off the ground, the ‘stars’ will start to line up. And while it’s true that your products and services are the key to kick things off in the right direction, the major factor that will make those online reviews multiply is your attention. More than a forum to sing your praises – or air grievances – what customers really want to know is that you’re listening. So join in the conversation. Thank your customer for pointing out that trainer who went the extra mile and share how you will recognize them at work.

Even the best businesses are bound to get a few dismal reviews here and there, and believe it or not, those are your biggest opportunities for growth. Again, engage the online review with a note of thanks. Reinforce that you are always looking to improve and provide the best possible experience. Promise to tackle the issue, share the steps you plan to take and offer reparations where possible and appropriate. Respond, and you just might find that negative review turns into a positive tool that helps improve and grow your business in the long run.

The Road To Success

Online reviews can make or break a business, but with a quality product and a thriving online community, earning those ‘stars’ will be easier than you think!