Technology has made caring for and interacting with our pets easier and better than ever. New trends and innovations that first gained a foothold in other sectors are constantly being adapted and updated to meet the needs and desires of the multi-billion dollar global pet industry. Here’s a closer look at some pet-related tech trends currently on the rise:

Wearable monitors

Keep tabs on your beloved animal, or keep track of an ill pet’s vital signs by fitting them with a wearable monitor. High-tech collars track their location through GPS, allowing owners to get a better handle on how much daily exercise their dog gets, for example, or helping lost pets reunite with their grateful owners. Much like the monitors people wear while exercising, different wearable devices can record a pet’s heart rate, body temperature, and other information. Such data can be relayed in real-time to the pet parent’s computer, mobile device, or directly to a veterinarian.

Online ordering

Rather than making a trek to the store to pick up pet food, medicine, and other supplies, many modern pet parents prefer to purchase those items online and pay to have them delivered right to the front door. Besides convenience, always-open online stores typically offer customizable ordering and express delivery options, access to customer reviews, and other features.

Live webcams

Imagine being able to check in for a little face time with your furry friend, even when you’re far apart? Webcams are becoming more widely used in both doggie daycare facilities and personal homes, with audio features allowing for two-way communication between parent and pet. At Dogtopia, all of our playrooms are outfitted with live webcams to allow pet parents to check in on their furry family member throughout the day.


Whether it’s the stress and anxiety or just aggravating wait times, trips to the vet are seldom fun for you or your pet. Technology is helping improve the situation by offering access to veterinarians, animal nutritionists, and other health experts through online apps, video chats, or over the phone. Get quick answers to pressing problems, learn how to treat minor wounds and other issues, and make sure that thing your animal just ate off the floor isn’t toxic.

Social media accounts for pets

Dogs and cats as social influencers? You’d better believe it! Posed pet photos and amusing animal videos can become viral success stories on Instagram and elsewhere in the social media world. With followers sometimes numbering in the millions, a few fortunate pet parents are reaping the rewards of their animal’s online fame through sponsorships and partnerships.