Pandemic Puppies continue to make our lives significantly more enjoyable. Throughout the pandemic, our dogs have played many roles: from best furry friend and confidant, to exercise partner, giving us the unconditional love and joy that only a dog can give.

Now that we’re entering the recovery phase of the pandemic, it’s time to prepare your dog for a new normal and ensure that any transition from the current state is easy on both of you.

Some of the doggie dos and don’ts to remember.


  • Make sure your BFF (Best Furry Friend) continues to get sufficient exercise through walks or dog daycare.
  • Dogs are pack animals – ensure that your dog continues to have opportunities to socialize with other dogs and humans.
  • Stimulate their mind through game playing and challenges such as learning new things. This is good for bonding and to tire your pup out through a method other than exercise.


  • Don’t leave your dog alone for extended periods, especially in the early stages, if you are planning a return to work. To prevent separation anxiety, start leaving the house in small increments of time so your pup gets conditioned to being by themselves again
  • Don’t forget the importance of exercise for all of us, dog included.
  • Don’t forget that your dog likes established routines – feeding times, playtimes etc. Establish a new routine based on your anticipated schedule so your dog has time to acclimate as well.

While these are all very important things to remember, the most important is to make sure your Best Furry Friend continues to get all the loving and attention that they deserve and have recently enjoyed. You may want to consider introducing dog daycare into both of your lives.  Daycare is like a fun indoor dog park for dogs within a controlled environment, supervised by trained professionals to make sure that your dog stays safe, active, stimulated and feeling the love.