Microsoft recently covered Dogtopia’s impressive growth, which has opened 90 franchises across the U.S. and Canada since 2017, with at least 60 more coming online in 2020.

Neil Gill, CEO and president of Dogtopia, spoke to them about how the brand sets itself apart from other pet service providers by echoing the benefits of child daycare.

“It’s no different than school where you have kids returning to their own classroom every day,” Gill told Microsoft. “They synergize and learn from each other. It’s the same with dogs. If you’ve got a room with a lot of new daycare dogs or a lot of boarding dogs, the coach will focus more on socialization.”

Gill added that the Dogtopia’s mission is to “enhance the joy of dog parenthood” and to ensure that each dog leaves at night “a better canine citizen than it was in the morning.”

“If we can do that, we know we create a better relationship between the dog and pet parent. Once you create that stronger relationship, that pet parent will never, ever give up that dog,” Gill said.

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