About Dogtopia

Ideal franchisee

A man kneeling down to pet a dog that is on a leash, which is held by a woman in a Dogtopia lobby.

As a Dogtopia franchisee, you’ll spend your days playing with dogs, engaging with pet parents, and fostering valued relationships of trust in your local community. At the same time, you’ll be teaching your team members responsibility, the value of hard work, and providing growth opportunities for learning and development within your facility. All the while building a better future for you and your family through business ownership.


The Dogtopia business model supports several types of people and lifestyles:

  • Owner-operator: No previous business experience necessary, hands-on operator, assumes role of general manager
  • Corporate refugee/displaced executive: Previous corporate professionals and executives, first-time entrepreneur, some relative business and management experience
  • Diversifying serial entrepreneur looking for next growth vehicle: Absentee/semi-absentee, investor type (Area Developer), strong previous or current business experience
  • Experienced empire builders: multi-brand/multi-unit franchisee looking for next big thing, strong existing management team, infrastructure and financial resources to develop a large market quickly