About Dogtopia

Our culture

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At Dogtopia, we put the needs of our doggie guests and their pet parents first. We approach every day with enthusiasm because we work in the best industry in the world. After all, where else do you get to play with dogs every day?

You’ll find many of our Dogtopia daycare centers next to your favorite grocery store because we value the time and energy it takes for pet parents to take their pups to daycare. We strive to be as convenient as possible.

We understand the trust it takes to leave a furry child with someone for the day, which is why we employ webcam technology in all of our playrooms for pet parents to access from anywhere via our website and mobile app. Our goal is to build a lifelong relationship with both the pup and pet parent; there’s nothing better than seeing a dog play, learn, and develop, day after day through daycare.

Every element in our daycare centers were carefully researched and constructed with a pup’s safety and best interests in mind. From the large windows that fill our facilities with natural light to the endless celebrations we host for our furry guests, we’re always looking to make each day at Dogtopia the Most Exciting Day Ever!


Dogs are the world to us. They give us their all every day and expect nothing in return. We’re a really big deal to them. So they’re a really big deal to us. Big or small. Floppy ears or sloppy kissers. At Dogtopia, we have endless love for them all. And we stop at nothing to make sure they’re happy, safe and fulfilled even when you can’t be there. From our uncompromising safety standards to our extensive training, it matters to us the way it matters to you. When pet parents are thinking of a place for your pup to play, stay or get pampered, Dogtopia is exactly what they’d ask for if they could.


We LOVE life unconditionally like a dog.
We STAY loyal to our pack.
We CHASE the absolute highest standards of safety.
We PLAY to our full potential.
We TREAT everyday like it’s the most exciting day ever.


If Dogtopia had a middle name, it would be safety. Our pledge to pet parents is that their pup will always be in great hands with us. When they pick them up, their dog will be happy, healthy and excited to see them! We pride ourselves on being the first in the dog daycare business to address the need to clean using certified safe chemicals while at the same time effectively killing contagious germs. Our cleaning products clean and disinfect, while at the same time, offer the highest level of safety available.

Giving back to the community

The Dogtopia Foundation enables dog to positively change our world. To accomplish this, we are currently funding programs focused around three worthy causes: Service Dogs for Veterans, Youth Literacy Programs, and Employment Initiatives for Adults with Autism. The Foundation’s aim is to identify needs, fill gaps and integrate knowledge for continuous improvement in our areas of focus. By connecting dogs with the organizations we support, we will help returning veterans, children, and adults with autism reach their full potential.

Play: We are involved in our community to our full potential. We volunteer. We make a difference.
Stay: We stay loyal to our pack and community.
Fetch: We fetch funds to support our community and change the world.
Treat: When we’re giving back, every day is the most exciting EVER!
Bark: We are proud of our good work and share it with our friends and community

In 2018, our stores committed to raising $6,000 per store – enough to sponsor the training of a service dog for a veteran through America’s VetDogs . Our goal is to raise these funds by Veteran’s Day 2018.

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The Dogtopia Foundation enables dogs to positively change the world. To accomplish this, we currently are funding programs focused around three worthy causes: Service Dogs for Veterans, Youth Literacy Programs and Employment Initiatives for Adults with Autism.