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Franchisee testimonials

Dogtopia franchisees come from various backgrounds and experiences and attract men and women, husbands and wives, and partners from across North America who understand the value of working together as a collective team to achieve our goals. Our owners are motivated, tenacious and passionate. Each one is different, but each one shares a common trait: an affinity for dogs and a desire to grow a successful business.

A Business You'll Feel Good About Owning

Jim Hannesschlager


“Dogtopia has the most talented, impactful, and passionate Support Office in franchising. The brand has best in class marketing and presentation of its units; and its operational playbook is clear, concise, and proven. You might say the brand has unparalleled gumption and is not only proving itself, but excelling even amidst a pandemic. Bottom line: I wanted to be in the dog business, but I also wanted to be in the brand that would define and own its category and I feel I made the right choice.”

Dogtopia of woodlands Ribbon Cutting

John, Sandy & Chelsea Ledbetter


“The industry itself is growing, the support you receive from the Dogtopia Support Office to make it successful is there…the model works well for a family. Pulling our strengths together makes us one, big awesome team, we can do anything together.”

Jeff Lutton, Franchisee

Jeff Lutton


“We live in an area with lots of lawyers and professional types, I’m in shorts and a t-shirt. I’m really lucky.”

Joni Elder, Franchisee

Joni Elder multi-unit franchisee


“Dogtopia married my passion for business and my love for dogs, and it was a match made in heaven.”

Allison and Christian Rau, Franchisee

Allison & Michael Rau


“The fact that we get to bring our dogs to work every day is a huge benefit for us. We were so impressed with the business model from a customer perspective, that we wanted to be involved in this business.”

Amber Sutton, multi-unit franchisee

Amber Sutton


“We are the Nordstrom of dog daycare.”

Addie & Ali Kasraeian, Franchisees

Addie & Ali Kasraeian


“Addie and I joined the Dogtopia family to create a home away from home for the dogs in our neighborhood and our community.”

Yarden Zilber, multi-unit franchisee

Yarden Zilber multi-unit franchisee


“First, we had to choose the industry, then we had to choose the player to play with, which was Dogtopia. For me, maybe the main key decision was the team of Dogtopia. The Support Office will give us what we need to be successful.”

Joe Castorena Family, Franchisee

Joe Castorena

Northern California

“The pet space was kind of a no brainer. The franchise model was kind of a no brainer, so it was just finding the right team. We spent a lot of time digging into structure and leadership teams. We spent some time with the executive team at Dogtopia and got a really good feel for the plan that they had in place for future growth and the level of support I could probably expect. It seemed like the right fit to make the decision to go with Dogtopia, and I definitely haven’t regretted it!”

Paul Sandry, Franchisee with Jeff and Pam Miller

Paul Sandry


“The system at Dogtopia worked extremely well for my team. I’m already exploring a site for a second store months earlier than I anticipated.”

Kris & Scott Modica, Multi-unit Franchisees

Kris & Scott Modica multi-unit franchisee


“Other places didn’t meet our standards. The Dogtopia standard is the only one we want to offer.”

Peter Dufall, Franchisee

Peter Dufall

Northern California

“I wanted to work for myself and every person I met at Dogtopia was my kind of people: practical and down-to-earth. ”

John Nania, Franchisee with Tony Nania and Tony Meinke

John Nania


“What I’ve been most impressed with is how well Dogtopia does everything and has anticipated our needs. My excitement and level of encouragement has grown since I’ve joined.”

Stefani Ballard, Multi-unit Franchisee

Stefani Ballard multi-unit franchisee


“Dogtopia has the best kind of support and I have access to experts, it frees you up to focus on what you want to focus on, in business or outside business.”

David George, Franchisee

David George


“The ability to combine my love of dogs and love of business resonated with me, Dogtopia stands out in a crowded field”

Sue McCumsey, Franchisee

Sue McCumsey

Baton Rouge

“I started looking at franchises because I knew franchises had a much better success rate than independent businesses.”

Foundation Logo

The Dogtopia Foundation enables dogs to positively change the world. To accomplish this, we currently are funding programs focused around three worthy causes: Service Dogs for Veterans, Youth Literacy Programs and Employment Initiatives for Adults with Autism.