As post-pandemic life begins to open up, Dogtopia is preparing to not only welcome back dogs, but is seeing a significant increase in new dogs attending daycare. In April 2020, Dogtopia saw sales plummet 80%, but a year later, thanks to a 40% increase in puppy adoptions and pet parents going back to work, dog daycare is needed now more than ever. The pandemic was the best thing dogs and now it seems the pandemic may ultimately be a great thing for the pet industry.

“Most organizations miss the signs of a tipping point, but that’s because a tipping point isn’t one single event — it’s a series of events,” says Neil Gill, president and CEO of Dogtopia. “Our world won’t switch back on as fast as it switched off, but it will be a gradual, steady increase. And we need to be ready.”

To help the franchisees to prepare for this growth, Gill and the Dogtopia Support Office team have put together a pandemic-­boom list, with six areas of focus and actionable advice for owners including marketing, store leadership and pricing strategies. Click here to read the full Entrepreneur story.

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