PHOENIX, March 5, 2024 – Dogtopia, the leading dog wellness franchise, has recently unveiled its latest store design, which entails a smaller footprint and more playroom space than the company’s previous store layout. While utilizing smart planning and space-saving efficiencies, the new design only requires 4,000-5,000 square feet, and delivers 20% more play area than the former model.

Along with the super-efficient footprint, the new design includes savings in overall buildout, such as standardized millwork and graphics for a faster construction schedule, leading to a 15% savings in cost per square foot. Not only do these changes benefit franchisees by bringing down overall capital expenditure while maximizing revenue; they also reduce rent and open the opportunity for more Dogtopia daycares in dog-loving communities across North America, an attractive addition to any building or retail center for landlords.

“We know that every community of pet parents can benefit from having a Dogtopia in their neighborhood, and this new, smart store design makes that a possibility,” said Neil Gill, CEO of Dogtopia. “From a landlord’s perspective, our customers visit our locations twice a day and at least twice a week, they don’t need long-term parking. This makes Dogtopia a perfect neighboring tenant for any landlord looking to drive a higher-end demographic to their centers. We understand that other pet service franchises advertise cheap or “no-frills” buildout costs, which is a direct compromise to the modern and high safety standards of a Dogtopia facility. This new design makes Dogtopia more competitive while still delivering our premium amenities that have positioned us as the leading dog daycare, boarding and spa provider.”

Noise and odor control were also taken into consideration when designing the new space. With more than 20 years of experience in the dog daycare industry, Dogtopia has refined its design to provide maximum sound containment, while still utilizing standard construction materials and practices. Analysis of the existing structure, neighboring tenants, as well as their locations, are all evaluated during the design process to provide a dog daycare that is welcome in any environment from shopping centers to high-rises, retail centers and beyond.

Notably, the Dogtopia Foundation is now a permanent fixture within the location, confirming Dogtopia’s commitment to its Noble Cause and dogs giving back to humanity through its three key pillars: service dogs for veterans, employment for individuals with autism, and therapy dogs for students.

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