Dogtopia, the nation’s fastest growing pet franchise, has expanded its investment opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to get their foot in the $69 billion dollar pet industry door with the launch of its smallest franchise model – Dogtopia Lite.

Dogtopia Lite facilities average 3,000 square feet, compared to the 5,000–10,000 square feet facilities currently offered. The trimmed-down model will feature two playrooms (instead of three), a smaller spa area and no training room. While the compressed model will have less capacity, it opens the door to nontraditional real estate opportunities in high-density urban markets, residential towers, airports and corporate campuses, among others.

“The number of pet parents grows by the day and we want to be able to expand our reach while simultaneously offering a more affordable investment opportunity,” stated Alex Samios, VP of Franchise Development for Dogtopia. “The Dogtopia Lite model now gives us the freedom to expand our footprint in urban markets that previously weren’t feasible with our larger facilities. With this new level of flexibility, the sky’s the limit for where and how we continue to grow nationwide.”

The Dogtopia Lite model investment is targeted at or below $450,000 and is currently available in markets nationwide. With three Lite locations already sold in San Jose, CaliforniaJacksonville, Florida; and Boston, Massachusetts, the franchise anticipates awarding five additional Lite units by year-end. As the fastest-growing franchise in the pet industry, the Dogtopia business model provides multiple revenue channels for daycare, boarding and spa services wrapped around an exciting and fun lifestyle.

“As a first-time business owner, and longtime dog owner, the Dogtopia Lite model made a lot of sense for me,” said Bill Polk, franchisee of the first Dogtopia in Massachusetts, slated to open this winter. “The ability to build a world-class dog daycare with a smaller footprint and all of the offerings of our other, larger locations will also help me achieve profitability quickly. At the end of the day, if my issue is one of being at or near capacity sooner rather than later, well, that’s a good problem to have.”

Dogtopia dogs enjoy an open-play environment with protective rubberized flooring to ease joints while promoting safe socialization, exercise and education. Dogtopia’s fees are all-inclusive with meals prepared according to each pet parent’s request at no extra charge, or pet parents can bring their own food.

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