If you find yourself with a few hours of down time during the holidays, why not pick up a new book? Reading helps reduce stress levels while improving our focus, concentration, and critical thinking abilities. It’s also a great way to learn new ideas, concepts, and knowledge.

There’s no shortage of books designed to help franchise owners or aspiring franchisees master the ins and outs of the business landscape and navigate a path to prosperity. Here’s a closer look at five titles about business and franchising that are well worth adding to your library.

The Educated Franchisee by Rick Bisio

Now available in a third edition released in July, 2017, this how-to guide by respected franchise coach Rick Bisio is widely praised for being clear, concise, and packed full of practical advice. The Educated Franchisee will teach readers how to select the right franchise opportunity, how to make it profitable, and the keys to sustaining long-term success. The third edition features 60 pages of new material that keep this recommended read up-to-date with the current franchise environment.

Franchising Demystified by Wayne Maillet

Franchise management consultant Wayne Maillet puts his quarter century of knowledge into the pages of this book, a worthwhile read whether you’re considering buying a franchise or already own one. Having worked in the corporate offices of several franchisors, Maillet is in a unique position to deliver a deep understanding of the franchisee-franchisor relationship, and the best ways to maximize it. His straight-talk guide to franchise success uses real-life examples to convey lessons and relevant information.

Brick & Mortar Franchise Success by Carolyn Miller

A veteran of two major expansion efforts in the fast food industry during her career with McDonald’s and its related brands, author Carolyn Miller shares valuable insight and essential information in this book, an obvious must-read for anyone whose business exists in a brick and mortar space. Miller founded the National Franchise Institute in 2015 with the goal of helping franchisees open physical locations without making costly mistakes. Her book does the same and more, identifying ways to save time and money before, during, and after you add or build new business space.

The Franchise MBA by Nick Neonakis

Billed as “comprehensively researched and deftly written,” this highly-regarded book by Nick Neonakis takes the reader on a conversational and illuminating examination of the franchise process, including its pros and cons. Even if you’re already a franchise owner, you’re still likely to benefit from the higher education offered by Neonakis’ program, which breaks the mastery of franchise ownership into four steps: The Introspective Self, The Franchisor, The Franchisee, and The Legal and Financial.

Smarter, Faster, Better by Charles Duhigg

Truthfully, who wouldn’t want to be all of the things Charles Duhigg’s book promises its readers? This New York Times bestseller sorts through eight key productivity concepts and shows how you think is often more important than what you think. Duhigg’s engaging book is stuffed with painstakingly researched real world anecdotes, as well as examinations of the psychology, neuroscience, and behavioural factors that influence us. Praised as a must-read bursting with valuable lessons, Smarter, Faster, Better is designed to help anyone succeed with less stress.