A critical aspect of franchising is the training and support provided to franchisees. After all, it’s how they learn how to follow the established business model and effectively carry out the business. However, support doesn’t stop at the franchisor/franchisee level. Once a franchisee starts to run their business, they will likely be responsible for supporting their team.

If you are a prospective franchisee, it is important to know that your employees are often the face of your business, representing your location(s) and providing service to the public. It’s essential that they are well-versed in the franchise’s business model and philosophy to maintain its reputation, help you build a customer base, provide consistent quality, and promote steady revenue. Your understanding of how the franchise business operates can be extremely beneficial when you train your employees and teach them how to follow the brand’s protocols. However, it’s crucial to not only prioritize teaching employees how to manage tasks effectively but also providing guidance and emphasizing the importance of carrying out their roles effectively. This is where mentoring plays a crucial role.


Mentoring differs from training in that it is more focused on future growth and development. While training is much more focused on reaching the short-term goal of performing tasks correctly (aka developing necessary hard skills), mentoring can help employees learn soft skills and foster personal and professional growth that can help them advance their careers while also helping your business.

Here are some ways effective employee mentoring can positively impact a franchise business.


According to a Workplace Learning Report, seven in 10 people say that learning improves their sense of connection to their organization, while eight in 10 report it adds purpose to their work. Providing learning opportunities for employees through mentorship can help them grasp the nuances of their roles and the overarching mission of the franchise, which can bring a greater sense of commitment to their day-to-day responsibilities. As a result, they can run business operations more effectively thanks to their improved engagement, understanding, and sense of purpose.

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When mentoring your employees, you are creating an environment for learning and open communication where you can guide your team individually and as a group, allowing them to bond and collaborate effectively. Mentoring can boost employee morale, indicated by a study that found 91% of those with a career mentor reported being satisfied with their jobs, while 57% reported being “very satisfied.”

Effective communication is one of the key elements of a positive work environment, and with communication comes greater retention rates—a 4.5-time increase in retention, to be exact. When you can exchange ideas openly, actively listen to your team, problem-solve, collaborate with your team, and provide paths to promotions, you can build a great business environment. As a result, it can also be an excellent way to attract and retain employees. This is important since 56% of employees say a good workplace culture is more important than their salary when it comes to job satisfaction.


Mentoring can help build trust between you and your employees, as they are relying on you to support them with your experience and guidance. When trust is developed, it can shine through in other areas. A study found that those who work at a high-trust company report 74% less stress, 106% more energy, 50% higher productivity rates, and 40% less burnout than those at a low-trust company. By developing trust in your mentor-mentee relationships, you can create a healthier and more productive work culture for your team.


Mentorship not only benefits employees but also the mentor. Successful franchisees often exhibit many soft skills, including effectively leading their team. By enforcing a strong mentorship program among your employees, you can improve your communication skills, remain open-minded to new perspectives, learn to collaborate, hone your leadership skills, and more.


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