How much do you know about what it’s really like to own and operate a dog daycare franchise? Chances are you’re already familiar with the explosive growth of the pet care industry and may be curious about the potential to get involved in an exciting and rewarding opportunity.

Still, a few common myths persist about the realities of dog daycare ownership and operation. To help clear up those misconceptions, we’re separating fact from fiction and debunking four popular myths.

Myth 1 – I need to be a trained dog expert to run a dog daycare

Superior subject matter knowledge is almost never the deciding factor in whether a franchise business of any kind succeeds or fails. Ultimately, what’s most important is often the owner’s inner drive and motivation to make things work. A little bit of passion is always important, especially when dealing with dogs, but there’s no reason you have to be a certified expert.

Myth 2 – The fast-growing dog daycare market is too saturated

By demonstrating sustained growth throughout difficult economic times, the pet industry has continued to boom. Dog daycare, boarding, and grooming businesses have benefited from this positive trend. Still, growth and expansion doesn’t mean market saturation has been reached, or even approached. The pet parent population is exploding, particularly during the pandemic, and dogs are increasingly seen as deserving of top-tier treatment when it comes to food, daycare, grooming, and other needs. There’s plenty of room for new franchise owners to find success in this field. Be mindful of the potential pitfalls of the next myth, too.

Myth 3 – Dog daycare franchises are so popular, my new business could never fail

Dogtopia offers extensive support to all of its franchisees and the name recognition of a trusted brand. There are plenty of resources to help new businesses overcome early stumbles or struggles and find a path to success and growth. Even so, success is never guaranteed, and the drive to get there must come from within. Hard work, determination, professionalism, and positivity are some of the attributes that dog daycare franchisees will need in abundance. Work hard to make sure you always bring your best to the business.

Myth 4 – I can’t run a doggie daycare that doesn’t have outside space

Dogs love to get outside, but our canine companions can still thrive at a daycare that doesn’t offer an outdoor exercise yard. With Dogtopia’s safe, clean and supervised indoor playrooms, and exceptional training and grooming services, there’s plenty of good stuff going on inside to keep both pets and pet parents feeling happy and satisfied.