Dogtopia was ranked in the Fast & Serious list of the 40 smartest growing franchises, as determined by Franchise Times.

Along with the ranking is an overview of the growth Dogtopia has experienced. In the first 17 years of Dogtopia, the brand grew from one to 100 daycares. From 2019 to 2021, Dogtopia added 41 locations, a 28.9% increase to 183 units. Accordingly, system sales reached 76.3% within that period to $114 million.

In response to the 65 team members in our support office, Gill states, “All of our teams are well educated and well trained, and we’ve got the right training content.” He continues, “We have over 650 hours of training in our own, what we call, Dogtopia Connect, that we’ve built ourselves.”

This training allows franchisees to focus on developing their staff. “We can’t go out and recruit people that have worked in another independent daycare. We can’t recruit people from other brands, because no one’s doing what we’re doing,” Gill explains. “We’re pioneering this sector.”

Dogtopia recruits new staff for their intellect, personality traits, and culture, which is why Gill states there is an emphasis on the number of people that support the Dogtopia brand, franchisees and daycare team members.

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