Fresh off the recent accolade of Best Lifestyle Franchise at the Global Franchise Awards 2020, Neil Gill, CEO and President, spoke with Global Franchise about the brand’s unwavering dedication to their noble cause of enhancing the joy of dog parenthood and its appeal to franchise owners.

“Dogtopia’s noble cause of “enhancing the joy of dog parenthood” is focused on developing better canine citizens through socialization, education, and exercise within our playrooms,” said Gill. “Dogs come home happier and more content, well-socialized and more comfortable in new environments, which leads to a better quality of life for both the dog and the pet parent.”

Seeing the bond strengthen between pet parents and their furry four-legged children is just one of the benefits of owning a Dogtopia. Gill also believes it’s “the ability to work and play in a fun, growing sector, and have a career that you enjoy while being surrounded by genuine, caring people driven by the love of the dog.”

With more than 130 dog daycares across the United States and Canada, Dogtopia is focused on strong and sustainable growth.

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